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Watchmen Of Alabama

1) Membership in WOAL is open to all Residents of the State of Alabama.

2) Minimum Age Requirement is age 18 or over - Retirees are also welcome as there is always a need for everyone and their knowledge and expertise.

3) We Do Not discriminate against Race, Color, Religion, Gender, etc.  We are an Equal Opportunity Group. Yes, Women are Welcome as Members, in fact we already have females within the group. Everyone brings something to the table.

4) We hold Regular Monthly Meetings and FTX's (Field Training Exercises) and CTX's  (Classroom Training Exercises)

5) Members are expected to Participate as much as possible. We do not want to hear excuses, so if your not prepared to be part of the Team and Participate, then Do Not waste your time and ours by applying.

6) Members must have a willingness to learn and practice various training operations which includes physical exertion and wilderness survival as well as firearms training and special tactics.  We want to have people that Walk the Walk, not just Talk the Talk.

7) Some travel may be required, as we cross train with other groups across the state and in other states as well from time to time.

8) We use a somewhat military style structure and organization with respect to Command levels.  Everyone has theopportunity to lead or fill positions according to their willingness to earn it and apply leadership skills and take responsibility.

9) We Do Not Accept People with Felony Criminal Backgrounds due to Liability Risks and WE DO perform background checks. New Members must be prepared to furnish a clean non-felony arrest record at the time of Application into the Group.

10) We are an Affiliate Group to the Watchmen Of America Program and as such, we require ALL of our members to join that program and pay their Membership Dues regularly.  ($12.50 per month)  The Watchmen Of America Program is a National Level Support Organization, that supports our Group Financially and Materially with items they we all  need and can use for Survival and Training and Preparations.

11) We Do NOT participate in any illegal activities whatsoever.   We Do Not train to take over the government.  We Do Not plot to harm or injure political figures or others.  We Do Not take any Political, Religious or other Platforms.

12) We Strive to Train and Prepare for Extreme Survival situations which include but may not be limited to certain Emergency Support roles in helping our Statewide Communities here in Alabama.  We also exist to Support and  Assist in Disaster situations here and in other States if requested to do so.

13) Our Mission is to Educate, Train and Support our Members and the Citizens of the State of Alabama to enable the best possible chance for Successful Survival in various types of Situations and Circumstances that Could Arise.

14) We do consider our group a legal and constitutional Civilian Defense Force, otherwise commonly known as "Militia".

15) We Respect and Honor the Constitutional Laws of the United States of America and we will Defend our Nation against all enemies Foreign and Domestic, According to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.