The Essence Of A Patriot

There are many ways to define the word Patriot, or to describe what a patriot is.  However, few people truly understand what it means to grasp the essence of a patriot. A person can call themselves a patriot because they love their country or they defend what their country stands for. The reality of becoming a patriot involves much more than claiming the title, due to ones’ general beliefs and so called commitment to his country.

The true patriot understands not only the history of his country and what sacrifices have been made to establish his way of life, but they also understand the sacrifices that men must make in order to preserve that way of life and defend it at all cost. Most citizens today know that things are wrong in this country. They realize that tyranny has laid it’s grasp upon the people and the laws of the land and it has corrupted the entire landscape across our nation. They have learned these things slowly over the years as the evidence has become more and more prevalent. As they learn of the treacherous deeds of our government, and the corporate degenerates they have chosen to serve, they become angry and they seek to support the defense of our country in one way or another.

The kind of support mechanisms they seek varies according to the variety of different protests that exist in our many different platforms that have risen against this tyrannical force. There are platforms against illegal immigration, wrongful and extensive taxation, invasion of personal privacy, unconstitutional legislation, political corruption, you name it the list goes on for days.  People will usually choose one of these platforms to side with and begin their journey into being a protestor and advocate for peaceful resolution, at least that is where most of them start. They pursue the falsehood that the protests they follow along with will someday have an impact that will solve or correct these problems.

They usually wind up supporting more than one platform as they run from group to group hoping that one of them has the answer or the changing effect that they seek.  They become disappointed when they find that after years of these peaceful protests, nothing has changed and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  Some become so disenchanted, that they move on and give up their tirade against the system.  Some move on to different platforms that stand against a different subject or issue. They move around to all these different groups seeking to fit in somewhere where they feel they have the best chance for succeeding in supporting the battles that will eventually cause the changes they desire.

In all of this they consider themselves patriots for their country, they feel they are doing what they can and must for the right cause and to satisfy their need to participate.  What many of  them do not understand is there are factors involved here that has prevented them from learning what true patriotism is and what it takes to truly stand for something to the degree that sacrifices have to be made that would indeed effect the changes they desire.  Most of them do not know about sacrifices, they have never truly realized the great deal of dedication that it takes and the true commitment that our forefathers experienced for the things they believed in and died for.    They just haven’t been placed in a position where everything is at stake for them personally and where the result could be devastating for them and their family.  Once Tyranny is realized in the personal life of any citizen and they can experience first hand the tremendous violation of their persons and property, then they can truly grasp what is means to be backed into a corner where fighting back is the only option.

All the sign waving and marching and shouting and boycotting has done absolutely NOTHING to cause an effective change in the things that are taking place in this country. I repeat, Absolutely NOTHING!  People are programmed to think that if they can get new politicians into office that change can occur, they think if they can cause some sort of minor disruption in procedures, that this will draw enough attention to get someone of influence to listen and possibly support the changes needed.  This simply isn’t true.  These types of protests and objection to all that is happening is having no effect on the system as a whole.  The bottom line is protesting could be successful, but only if it were done correctly. True protests have no time limit, there is no negotiations, there is no stepping back, and there damn sure isn’t any compromise.  When you are truly trying to stand up for something you cannot be submissive, you have to be ready to make some ultimate sacrifices and dedicate the time and energy it will take to see things through to the end. A true protest has only one resolution and that is ‘change’, until the change occurs, the protest doesn’t end.

When is comes to the Essence of a patriot, one has to understand what it means to be willing to make certain sacrifices. You have to be able to muster up all of your self being and direct your mind into a mindset of one who is not willing to back down on what you truly believe in, no matter what. To do this means you must be willing to give your own life for this cause you believe in.  What is the ’cause’?  The ultimate cause, here in this case, is the way of life for every American man woman and child.  We have all lost so much of our own personal freedoms for so many years and at so many different levels, that we have failed to nip this in the bud long ago before it ever got this far.  We have allowed ourselves to get distracted by our creature comforts in life, to the degree that we just didn’t see all the chess pieces being put into place for the final assault. We now find ourselves looking at a government that has nearly the ultimate control over the people, they have us so fearful of reprisal that we cower down at the mere raise of a fist. We submit to their tyrannical systems of slowly gaining control of our lives piece by piece, to the point that one day we will wake up and we will not have a single freedom left.

The evidence is all around us.  We have to get permits from cities in order to stage a protest? We have to get a permit to carry a firearm or in some cases you can’t carry one at all in a public place?  We have to get our governments permission to work on our own property, to improve or refurbish it? We have to pay tolls to travel on certain roads and in some cases be subjected to unlawful road blocks? Think for a moment about all the small things they have put into place to interfere into our lives and in most cases tax us at the same time.  There has never been, in the history of our country, more invasive laws and unconstitutional taxes upon the people, than there is today.  And how did it get this way?  Because we let it, we looked the other way while enjoying our massive prosperities and creature comforts so much that in order to keep them, we have allowed our government to reach out and enslave us into a systematic means of dependence upon them.  We fear that if we don’t do the things they tell us to that we will lose these comforts we have grown accustomed to. They have slowly, over decades, enslaved you all into their grasp and now most people do not have the fortitude to take a stand and be willing to make the right sacrifices in order to fight back.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There is a problem though, one that plays a factor in the reason most people won’t fight back.  That factor is mutual support of the people as a whole.  We have become a society separated from our fellow countrymen in many diverse ways.  This separation has caused us all to realize that if we fight, we must fight alone, no one will join us, no one will come to help us and no one else is willing to make their sacrifice for the defense of another.  This is the main reason our society has fallen into a submissive posture and allowed the system to take control.  They simply realize that other people, if not personally effected, will not come to the aid of his brethren in such desperate times of need.

If we as a group of concerned citizens had for instance shown up to defend the innocent men, women and children, during the WACO, Texas incident involving David Koresh, then many of  those people would be alive today.  All it would have taken is for enough citizens to gather at that place and demanded that the government stand down and not launch their evil assault upon those citizens. 

Whether people believed David Koresh was right or wrong, doesn’t matter, all of those people deserved the right to stand in a fair trial.  What most Americans do not realize is, that this whole obscene murder of men women and children took place over a $100 gun tax from a firearm transaction. That has to be the most devastating and ludicrous piece of injustice of  all!!!  If the citizens of this country would come to the aid for one another against this government out of control, then these sorts of incidents simply would not occur.  Everyone deserves a fair trial when accused that is but just ONE principle that this nation was built on in our constitution and it must be preserved.  All the people involved in directing law enforcement officials into perpetrating that incident are nothing more than murderers and all for $100.00  Furthermore, the law enforcement individuals who carried out this murder are also guilty, because they ‘could’ have made an ultimate sacrifice and chosen not to follow these wrongful orders of death.  These gentlemen knew that what they were doing was wrong, they knew that they were killing innocent men, women and children trapped in that building.  And the saddest part is……..We knew it was wrong as well.

So what sacrifices are involved in being a patriot?  That might depend upon a lot of different situations according to what you are defending or protesting a change for.  What has to be considered in these cases are, there has to be no limitations to what we will do to protest not only for ourselves but our fellow Americans.  We must use our true heartfelt love for this country and the life of freedom we have to muster up enough fortitude to stand against a tyrannical government, but we have to learn to do it as a whole and not just individually.  This is a profound choice that each of us has to consider. We must realize that by making this choice, we are laying it ALL out on the line. We are placing ourselves in harms way, not just for us, but for every man, woman and child that calls themselves Americans.  You would be saying to the whole world that you believe in this nation and the true freedom of mankind so much, that you will sacrifice yourself  in order to maintain it and to defend it.  You will be saying to all your brethren, I will stand with you in this battle, not behind you.
You will be stating by your actions that enough is enough and these things will stop and stop now!!!

However you must not stand alone, you must encourage others to see that sacrifices have to be made in the ultimate manner in order to propagate the true changes we need and desire.  We must have the true sacrificial support system of all of our brethren in standing together once and for all, to let the tyrannical government know that they can no longer operate as they are doing so now.  They must submit to the will of the people, just as it was meant to be from the beginning and so it shall be again, but only if this  True Essence of the American Patriot can be re-constituted. 

Are you willing to make the sacrifices necessary to assure our freedoms?  Would you stand next to a fellow American to assure his freedom and rights? Would you come to the defense of a man and his family under attack by unjust laws and actions of this government out of control and save their lives?  Will you support your brethren and yourself in preparing for this final assault?  Can you put all that you have at stake for something you truly believe in?  Can you tell yourself that you have finally had enough of this shit and that you are ready to do something about it?

Can you accept all of this as the responsibility of any American Patriot?   Can you stand along side the true Spirit of America and those that have fought and died for its’ purpose and creation? Can you bring yourself  to join others who have grasped this Essence of Patriotism and become part of the whole so we can fight back when the time comes? Can and will you answer the call?

And now I ask you………Are you really a Patriot?

Respectfully a Patriot


Beautiful words Mr Freebyrd. Years ago those words were the norm for Americans. The boys graduated high school and went into the service to serve their country. It was a kind of rite of passage into manhood for all of us. Boys left home for the 1st time and came back men. Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans day were important holidays. The flag was flown proudly and properly. The pledge of allegiance and the morning prayer in schools were the start of every students school day. Fathers and mothers raised their children and oh so rarely did a man ever desert his family. Sundays were church and family dinners. America isn't lost till the last militia brothers and  sisters cross over Jordan. Hopefully God will forgive us for screwing up so badly what he allowed us to have. We won't make the same mistake twice if we get another chance. Thank you again for these fine words Freebyrd.

I belive we as a people need to make stand.The GOVERMENT is out of controll and are taking are rights away that our for fathers fought and died for.I belive we need to take them back and I mean  now befor its to late if its not to late already.

Gene E. Moore
" Sic vis pacem para bellum "

Give me liberty or give me death,the people have to unite or we all become slaves of the state of elite bankers and criminals

Well defined Freebyrd. Perhaps in time some of us will be able to rise from the ashes like the thunderbird and proclaim and sustain again the freedoms of our nation's forefathers. I hope I am there with you to see that day.

Gentlemen may cry "Peace. Peace", but there is no peace! Why stand we here idle? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it Almighty God. I know noy what others may take, but as for me......give me liberty, or give me death!

Words of a fellow Virginian, and a fellow Patriot as well, Patrick Henry.

Thank you for-fathers and all who have made their stand for freedom.

Pat Vaughan, LTC XO Watchmen of Indiana

Nice work


I regretfully wonder if this was published in
every newspaper in America if it would even
have an impact! It is very sad that the problem is denial...   It has never happened here therefore it never will! The freedoms that have been slowly taken away and replaced with "safety & security measures" are links in the chains of slavery..  tell people they are already slaves and they are so offended they will not listen even though there chains are crippling them... The coming crisis will not start with a shot heard around the world, it will come & already has started  in the form of  food prices & gas prices, the government has been printing money and making it worthless, it is backed by nothing & is in my opinion the worst form of treason and has been going on
since the inception of the federal reserve
act ..cir: 1913? President Wilson as much said he sold out his country near his death..   it has taken 100yrs for this ponsi scheme to get to the tipping point but I fear besides all
forms of unconstitutional regulations that
infringe our freedom, in the end it will be
economic terrorism perpetrated by a foreign
central bank sanctioned by the United States, and a failure to correct this unconstitutional form of creating money out of thin air.  By not following the constitution but subverting it and twisting the meaning of it to skate the Law of the Land with slick lawyers & fine lines that have kept them above the law... We will
want to unite alright when a loaf of bread is
50,000 dollars & there are food riots and boots on the ground trying to keep "the peace?" maybe even foreign troops .. well smart people are preparing now for just such a situation..  I only pray out of chaos... which tyrants have caused & we know it..  the American Spirit will survive the ashes,  this is our land Our brave forefathers already gave there fortunes there Sacred Honor & there lives so we could be free.  They gave us a representative republic
"IF" we could keep it!! lets defend it and do
what we must against all enemies foreign &  I hate to say it especially domestic. . Our
forefathers knew it may one day come to that, I believe that is why besides free speech & freedom of religion the right to bear arms was the 2nd Amendment ..   Thank you MFeebyrd not too many people these days could say it much better than you did..  May we be blessed by Our
Creator to defeat Tyranny, defend the
Constitution & Restore the Republic!

By:  Snowball1776

BINGO on mutual support!


Well stated Freebyrd I must say I agree with Mr Ebacher in we should get organized as the National Militia amongst militias and take our government back. I am a strict Constitutionalist and I would lay my life down in a second for God, Family, and Country. Unfortunately so many Americans still have their eyes closed to the tyranny we are facing. If they were awake the 40 million that Mr Ebacher mentions would be 300 Million.

By: NotUnderMyWatch
That's the most truth I've heard in a long time I just wish more people would think like this because this country would definately be a better place for everybody

By: Crazy Wolf
Well put Freebyrd, makes me proud to be a Sentinel and Watchman. Long live the Constitution and the Republic.

GOD BLESS you Freebird!

By: RogueWalker
I gave an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I will not raise arms against my fellow Americans, but with them against tyranny. For far too long our rights have been diminishing and dwindling down to nothing. No longer will I watch the country I love be raped by the corrupt. Patriots, Americans, we must defend our freedoms if not for ourselves, then for our children and their children. If I should stand alone then so be it, but I will stand.

By: Texas Born
Well said. 
Brothers and sisters, it is time.

By: Watchman
God Bless you Brother Johnny,
This just goes to show that the cries for freedom of all men and women shall NOT go unheard.  For our shouts for justice and Rights for all Free Men shall overcome all obstacles.


I stumbled across a book that should be required reading for our groups.  THE 33 STRATEGIES OF WAR, by Robert Greene.  penguin books, 2006, isbn 0-670-03457-6 (hc.) or isbn 978-0-14-311278-5 (pbk).  perhaps we can discuss and develop amongst us.

By: almostnuts
Yes I am from the womb that gave me life every step taken has been in the face of tryanny to never let it gain any ground on our liberties

By: The pheonix71p
Very good!

By: Robert Bishop
As i stand on the outside to take a look in,i find the the picture of my people,and the struggle that they are in. The people gave up the right that they once held. And now the the power of greed and evil has no yeild, As few are left to now make a stand. the war for freedom has come at hand. our blood lines have not be cut, its time for all of us to stand up. count me as part of the 3.

It is in our grasp to restore America. Not just to the recent past, but to the Founders beginnings. But first we must restore our HONOR. We must bend our knee, not to the government, not to a false prophet but to our CREATOR. Our Founding Fathers believed that this country was to be a shining beacon to the world for Freedom and righteousness. And so WE THE PEOPLE must bend our knee and restore our honor. And so with a firm reliance in Divine Providence, I pledge my life, my fortune and my sacred honor, that this this Nation, formed UNDER God will not perish as a free Nation. Not on my watch!

By: KansasMustang (a nam de plume)

By:  CV71
YES! & AMEN!!!

By: Travis
Yes I can and will answer I have already and have a way to go yet,My preparations and helping others enlist will before most and the right reasons why you can and our country account on me to do whats right and expected

By: Dan )Connor
Is this not the ultimate honor to stand before God and Country to rise up and say No More, a time to utter those words Never Give Up. We enter an age that will try every mans Soul to pass on the freedoms as inalienable to our children and grandchildren. We have but one Banner above us and that is the Banner of Freedom and Unity as American Citizens. It is not a time to be passive and sit idly by while the Freedoms that our Forbearers fought and died so willingly to pass on to us. We must stand up now, arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder and secure the ramparts to restore the Freedom of this great land. It is time, my brothers, to come together and proclaim in unity, "NOT ON MY WATCH".

I feel it an honor and a privaledge to join with my countrymen and women in the cause of Freedom and Sovreignty. I pledge, to my sacred honor to stand with you, my brothers, against all odds and with all honor to defend freedom as a patriot and pray to live up to the heritage, bestowed by God on this great Nation.

By: Sir Irondude
It is highly unlikely that state goverments will call up the militia to get rid of corporate government control.remeber patrick henrys speech.ALREADY are brothers are in the field..SAME situation NOW as then. I say we lock and load and move on them all at once on the same day a preemptive strike.. I will take full responsibility for this statement since I am on the top of the list anyway. I am not afraid to say HUNT THEM DOWN but the moderator of this board seems to not want me to say it why is that??no disrespect intended.BUT if all hit em at once THEY CANT STOP US..look at the border wars they cant stop or control that.NOR could they fully control Baghdad IF WE STRIKE FIRST no force in the USA can stop us.the militia has over 40 million members I know I have been recruiting and networking this movement for 30 years...

By: Eddie Ebacher real name

Well written and inspiring! Until the day comes that we are all standing shoulder to shoulder to demand enough is enough, you must refuse to participate in this charade they call the "American Dream". You cannot depend on the govornment for anything and you must depend on yourself for everything. Grow your own food and livestock, learn how to become independent from commercial energy, rediscover the skills that your grandparents had to have to survive. The more self sufficient you become the less power they have over you. The change starts with you.

By: EndOfTheRoadFarm
An example of a true Patriot...Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.

^^  That is the definition of a true patriot if anyone is confused.

I'm a former military man and 41 years old. Until recently, like in the last 6 months...I have become politically aware. It feels like I'm just waking I'm here to tell you all, it's not to late to begin reading/researching to learn the truth. Check out what Daniel Estulin, Jim Tucker, Alex Jones, Mike Savage, & Luke Rudkowski are saying...there are many others out there screaming the truth.

This coming November it's imperative that everyone you know & yourself become aware of just who you are voting for. In general, we want to vote the encumbants out...but becareful to know who you are voting in. Check out who the Tea Party supports...usually a good choice there. Just be aware that anyone that has connections to the Bilderberg people(virus)...need to not be voted for as they support everything that helps them create their one world order.

Two major factions that endanger the American way of life...
1) The Bilderberg influence plus all their related organizations & connections...CFR, UN, Trilateral Commission for example.
2) Islam. Everything peaceful in the early part of their holy book is superceded with what is written later...& most of what is written later by that man is violent & calling for the death of the non-believer infedels. <---That's us, America.

Well written statement, M. Freebyrd...and pretty much dead on from what I know.

Stop watching the main stream news, my brothers & sisters. It's a farce...including FOX that has Middle East financial interest in allowing what they get to report on. It's rediculous.

God Bless America...we indeed, do still have Patriots who understand what it means to be...a American patriot.

Yol Bolsun.

By: BrotherPatriot
I often look around and wonder where the camaraderie is between Americans. We have gotten into the mindset that we are to mind our own business. Just a form of indoctrination.

People are so distrustful of one another anymore because of the lack of camaraderie. respect, communication etc. We have to get off the porch, get to know our neighbors and rally behind and with one another again.

Remember the old days when a barn would burn down and the whole town rallied and helped build another one? Our country is burning. It is past time that we should feel alone...we need the security to know that when we go out, our brothers and sisters are out there too, looking out for injustice just as we are. God help us and God Bless America!

By: Angelgirl

By: Monte Waldron
Excellent piece Freebyrd. We are turning into a nation that fears our goverment. We fear what our goverment will do to us if we rock the boat and don't follow blindly. Our goverment is to the point that they have no respect for the will of the people. Think of all the laws mandates etc. that are unconstitutional, still we abide by there laws.
I believe if we wish to stay a free people and not become subjects of the state we must unite orginize and send a message to our elected officals "Were mad as hell and we won't take it any longer".
I seek a peaceful resolve for the sake of our children and grandchildren. It appears though that our very goverment is not willing to listen to the very people that should, but don't have a voice in the direction of our nation and the freedoms we love.
When we finally become a nation of redistribution all will be lost for future generations. This must be stopped by all means at our disposal. What we sacrifice today determines what our descendents will live with tomorrow.
I have a saying on my wall I read and think about every day,

"The measure of a man's character is not what he gets from his ancestors, but what he leaves to his descendents".

We can leave them with freedom, libery, and the prusit of happiness, or we can leave them with tyranny and an oppressive ruler. The choice is ours. It is up to all of us to decide today, tomorrow may be to late.
I am willing to sacrifice and fight for my descendents, and in the end God will decide if I was right or wrong not the goverment.

By: Mike aka Jarhead72
You have left absolutely nothing else to say, M. If this does not motivate people, nothing will. I stand with you, and the rest of the Watchmen.

By: Boyd Williams (1st Utah Watchmen Brigade)
Bravo!! Mike

By: JoeRacer
Fabulous piece and well written. I wish I had one more hour each day to give. If each person would just visit a noble place like Arlington National Cemetery, it all becomes clear. Thanks for writing that and publishing that.

By: spongedocks
Excellent! Well said.Let's clean house--whatever it takes!!!

By: Rambling Rose

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