I have decided to move the entire storefront to its' own website location, separating it form this site all together. this process has proven to be time consuming in addition to the fact we had to create all new buttons and graphics for using the paypal credit card processing feature.

I'm proud to announce that we have made great progress in transferring the store and we should have it up and fully running within the next 2 weeks.  because of the immense delays in getting this finished I am prepared to offer all of your members special bonuses and gift offers for their first purchases.

These bonuses and gifts will only be available to members of this site, so if you want to share this with any of your friends, they can sign up for membership in order to benefit from this offer.

All members will receive a Notice as to the Official Grand Opening Date of the Store by Email here very soon.

You will find some absolutely fantastic deals on products that you won't find anywhere else, including our new PACKAGE DEALS section.

UPDATE:   The New Visual Format

We have fully implemented the new visual format and everyone seems to be raving how much they like it and how much it has improved our site and simplified navigation.  There may still be a small number of pages that have the old format, but we are working through those pages one by one.

This is a very large website with over 2000 pages, so this is no easy task.

We hope you enjoy the new visual format, as we strive to improve your experience here with us.
I certainly Thank You for your participation and as always, I welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can make this site better for everyone.


This section in the Members Area has been a big hit indeed and we are about to add about 75 more manuals to this section alone. 

We are featuring all sorts of Field Manuals as well as Survival related books, most of which are in PDF format.  Members have access to the complete library while visitors are limited to only those featured manuals from the public area.  If you have or know of Manuals that you think would be a great addition to our Library then please feel free to submit them or a link to where I can obtain them.

Currently I am adding new materials to the specialized Members Library Including Manuals, almost daily.


The SENTINEL PROGRAM is fully developed and in operation at the website.
We recently had the opportunity to field test the system with the Militia raids that took place in Michigan this past March, and the program worked flawlessly.

We were able to transmit information out to all of our members and provide on-the-ground reports of news and events as they were happening using a SENTINEL Member we had in Michigan.

This program has proven to be an extreme advantage to our members in receiving important information that may have place them in a real world survival situation.

I cannot stress enough about the importance of communications and INTEL in these situations.
It is very important that we ALL get involved and have more and more volunteer Members join up in this program in order to assure future success.

Please, visit this area of the site and consider signing up. You can find the information in the Members Area under Members Area Features.  We need SENTINELS in EVERY STATE.....NOW!!


We are proud to announce the arrival of FRANKE SCHEIN as both a valued Member and fellow Patriot.   Franke is an expert in survivalism and military experience.  He has been set up with a dedicated area here at the site called  LONE WOLF SURVIVAL.   I encourage you all to visit his area and review the valuable and endless fountain of knowledge that Franke shares with us there.

Please drop him a line and welcome him to the site.

SITE UPDATE:   April 30, 2010
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