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Tactical Survival and SHTF Equipment Needed

Although the Watchmen of Maine are Not Militia, there may be times when we will be called upon to assist our Community or protect our families or property.  It is better to be prepared than wish that we were.  The below list is made for SHTF environment and for those that believing that we might have to survive in the woods or be tactical to assist or defend our Community, family or property. 

There is a lot of equipment listed below. This is a Guide based on years of experience.  You can only take so much with you depending on the form of transportation you have available and your situation.  So, I say have as much of the gear below as you can.  Most folks get what they can as they can. Army surplus is good for a lot of it.  Some of us have extra equipment that we are willing to share.  You can also use your Benefits as a Member of Watchmen of America, to get most of these items.

Must have Basic Survival Items to always have available ready to go

     MRE or other easy to prepare Survival Food
Fire Starter
Water Proof Matches
Multi Tool
O.D. 550 Para Cord
Small Combat Stove & Fuel Cells
Signal Mirror
Wire Saw
Water Purification Tabs
Water Filter
Fire Tender
     Extra Cloth
Basic Needs (When supporting our Community or on any tactical missions)
     Civilian dress or Military Uniform (Optional but nice to have when or if we want to look   
Boonie Hat or Watchmen Cap
Military type Boots or good comfortable work boots

Level 1 (Tactical Day Missions)

     Ballistic Helmet
Canteens and or Water Bladder
Plate Carrier / Load Bearing Vest (Level 4 plates if any)
     Knuckle Protection Gloves 
Knee and Elbow Pads
Individual First Aid Kit
Knife and Sheath
     Pistol Belt (web style)
     Drop Leg Holster
Mag Pouches Pistol/Rifle, Radio, etc
Ruck Sack
Entrenching Tool
Head Lamp (with red filter)
Tactical Flashlight
Paint SticksLevel 2 (Overnight or unknown operations)
Sleeping Bag System (Check military 3 layer system)
4 Seasons Tent
Tent heater
     Poncho/Poncho liner
Military Surplus Gortex Rain Suit
Underwear, Socks, GlovesDefensive Weapons Recommended


Pistol  9mm, 40mm, 45acp
Combat Rifle    SKS, AK-47,  AR-15

Tactical shotgun