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Angelgirl IS  PISSED OFF                                                                       DATE:  02/09/2011

ABOUT: I am perplexed. I just don't understand why like-minded people can't seem to get along and just get out and do what is best for each other and our Republic. It seems to be the same with religious denominations. Everyone wants to be in the right and that is why there are so many. That in itself is so much division. It is not about tradition and rituals but relationship with the King.

Just as, our relationships with each other should be based on the constitution......just as it is written and not what we want to interpret it to mean. It is not a living document. We should all realize that we want to live in freedom and not what our own idea of freedom is but the concept that which is American.

So many want their rights but don't want others to have their rights. Take for instance myself. I am a Christian and do not believe in abortion. But God gave you the choice to do what you will. However, I don't think the taxpayers should have to pay for your decision. You make the decision, you pay for it yourself, in this life and the one to come. You have the right of conscience that the Lord gave you.We all have the same rights so what is the problem?

The government wants to dictate everything we do, think, read, see and say along with what we do in our own homes, how we discipline our children, what they learn, what poisons they put into their little bodies. They want to tell us what we should eat and what we shouldn't. Their ultimate goal is to poison us. They want to take away organics and vitamins and supplements. Take away our health freedom. We know their goal is to depopulate and many can't see this to be true. They call us conspiracy theorists. It cannot be a theory if it is turning out to be true.

Those that are wrong about it just don't want to admit it or they are just too blind to see.

If it weren't true, there wouldn't be so many law suits against the drug companies for medications that are killing people or rendering them disabled. It shows how our government wants us gone...dumbed down and sick. The fit of the fittest who survive will be used as their slaves. The things they are doing to our food is doing nothing but giving us empty calories. Caloric value with no nutrition whatsoever.

So c'mon Patriots. Why are we fighting one another? We all need to get on the same page. I fight for your rights and you fight for me having the same rights as you. How hard it that?

Christians want to say it isn't Christian to be a patriot and I beg to differ. God said to obey the laws of the land. The Constitution afford us the freedoms that the good Lord Himself gave us. The Constitution only serves to remind us and the government of the rights that God gave us and tell the government that they cannot take those rights away.But the government wants to interpret that document into saying something it doesn't say. Just like many try to interpret the Bible into saying something IT doesn't say.

I don't understand why people cannot read the text in these two documents as it is written and not what they wish it would say.

The Lord did not want us to have a global government. He proved this in the story of the Tower of Babel.

So Christians, Patriots and all like-minded individuals, let's get together on the same concepts of freedom and fight for all the right things and not let the pettiness of a few differences keep us from being American. God Bless America!

SSGTJACKSON IS  PISSED OFF                                                           DATE:  01/23/2011


Laststander IS  PISSED OFF                                                                     DATE:  12/14/2010

ABOUT:     Folks, its official-we are fucked ! Mainly because we all we do is bitch and cry and moan  but mostly because we cant work all together. One militia wont work with another .In state and out of state .The 3% dont get along with other militias and vice versa, Oathkeepers are the same way  and vice versa . Were does this put us? Disfunctional and not able to band together .When military troops cant function together or band together or have effective communication , the end result is failure . Thier is so much bullshit and division that its not even funny and downright dangerous .I submit when they come for your weapons will you finally  fight ! Thats the way it will come down ,it will be almost every man for themselves .It will resort to clans and clicks with neighbors, friends and family to protect themselves. the militias will be too busy dealing with attacks on thier homes and properties than to go to headquarters and assemble . What im saying here is
the end results will be what you do and what you know . The Nation is on the Decline and it will continue so until collapse happens in the finacial markets , maybe have 10 years but im thinking much less . Obama will use thre federal reserve to balance things by flooding money out for the next 2 years, its borrowed time and they know it.No collapse for next severakl years,pretty sure about that. Expect Federal Bailouts to the States in the coming several years .The Debt will be so high that its unsustainable and the Federal Government cant have states go Bankrupt so once again the bailouts will occur  and many
states wil have thier hands out . The Debt we have is allready unpayable  in the next 3 years, it will double what it is now or near it . The endgame is coming because of  Government and Corporate proxies combining togther to make a government work were it uses the influence of coporations money and power,like (wallstreet ) dictating Government Laws ,Procedures,Regulations but most of all PROFITS.If the corporations cant get what they want, they then use thier influence and power to have the Government use the military to make it happen .the military is then being used as the Enforcing Agents to help corporations and banksters get what they want .If you have noticed, corporations like blackwater or Halliburton and many others make many billions of dollars and they are involved in most everything .IRaq War, Afganistan War, The Oil Explosion in the gulk  and leak , even 911 .for some unknown reasons, these corporate business are always thier.
Im in the opinion of your votes dont mean a dam thing anymore .They are going to Tax the living shit out of you even  more ! They will use the hidden
Tax-INFLATION-to screw everybody , it will happen ! They want control over most if all aspects of your life .Your health care is inder atack.Your retirement thier working at geting at,Your homes to which they are throwing you out of .Now they after your food and water as well.Thet are getting you by the short hairs people !!!  The TSa atairports to which they radiate the crap out of you in scanner systems and themn search you like a criminal , its called conditioning the american people .You see they create the problem but they also have the answer, its called problem solution reaction . What will be the solution .TSa announced that they are going to introduce a RFID card and also an RFID body implantation.Of cource the the body implantation is voluntary for now .they say that withen 2 weeks, you can have the chip implanted and a dna sample submitted and as well as an iris scan .This way , you just come through the terminal  and you wont be searched or patted down , you just
go through the lines with no problems, How about that ? Isint that neat and fun ! the propsed fastrailway , which will occur and require the same solution as TSA.
Everything is falling into place and the agenda is being followed regardles who is president  or who you vote for .They are no longer servants now because you are now thier slaves ! Here is my question to all of you that read this ? the current system and dollar just cant keep continueing to go , all fiat paper money fails and so do Governments ,its a Historical record that also included the fall of empires  .Because they cwere corrupted, politcally split, spent to nucg, got into too much debt , involved in Wars  and socoiety degraded with excessive Taxation .Doesnt that sound like what is occuring today rather than 1900 years ago ?  Open your eyes and look around and listen and research , its thier if you seek the Truth !

PapaBear IS  PISSED OFF                                                                       DATE:  12/12/2010

ABOUT: I was helping a customer out who didn't speak English very well. We were both getting irritated about the language barrier and he had the gall to say to me "You should learn to speak Spanish. This was our country first and you gringos are invaders and don't belong here." I was fucking pissed. I told him " As far as I'm concerned I fought for my country and not only that, my people are Native Americans and the Mexicans are a bunch of invaders who came in when they weren't wanted." What the Hell is happening? Isn't it bad enough with the illegal crisis and the freakin' drugs coming up into our country? Now they can tell American Citizens to learn Spanish because they come up from Mexico for their weekend shopping? Holy She-it! I wonder if I could go overseas and demand a citizen of another country to learn English so I could ease my shopping? I've had enough, Americans, and I did something about it. I volunteered my experience and knowledge from 12 years  in the military to a well known militia here in AZ. We need to stand up and restore our country to greatness once more.

Snowball1776 IS  REALLY PISSED OFF                                                       DATE:  12/08/2010

ABOUT: Obviously ranting and begging and posting in the chat rooms are just a waste of time!! there is still zip in the chip in for ARIZONA BORDER WATCH GUYS, Your all a bunch of selfish self Centered BASTARDS!! Chat chat away in your safe living rooms  while these guys go without needed things! is this what we are! A bunch of do nothing give nothing when asked? you all make me sick! if i don't see a freekin dollar in there soon you will lose all my respect, Love is an action word, you can't say i love my country or i love our
boys and just sit back in full knowledge of a need and do nothing. LOVE IS AN ACTION WORD! Faith without
works is dead! ..the Bible

Snowball1776 IS  PISSED OFF                                                                     DATE:  12/07/2010

ABOUT:  I am mad as hell about the fact that I see 0.00 $$ in the AZ Border Teams chip in.. these boys are not chatting in the chat room they are in danger every day and how many are there? .....about 12 brave souls a dirty dozen?
They need stuff to survive, night vision, binoculars, med kits..... do you think they are running exercises out there? NO,  They are on the front lines so you can have a Merry Christmas, how much did you spend on yourself? or your kids? how much do you think you can spend when the dollar crashes?

There is no deception or anything secretive about there needs as we sit home and have a Norman Rockwell meal with our families the AZ Border Team will be in a cold dangerous desert maybe in the site of an enemy who out guns and has more technology, for God sakes they need binoculars and med kits, night vision would give them an edge, you people suck you pay 1.50 for your smiley faces in the chat room and I see nothing in the paypal.. till now because I was outraged at the nothing I saw ... If you are not dedicated to pledge your fortune, your life and your Sacred Honor don't look in the mirror and call yourself a patriot!  Your chains are being tightened right now, the enemy is armed and dangerous and if you have your own personal bunker good for you that doesn't make you a patriot either!

Selflessness give till it hurts give what you think you can't give but give something you whinney can you know your brother is putting his life in danger and not help, give up a pizza and a case of beer, if we don't start helping the people who are there to stop OTM if we do not support them they may grow weary of doing good, give or go to the border yourself.. you like the give-aways and trivia
night... you think it's free?

WTF what would you say to George Washington if he asked you why did you not give when you could, and I don't want to hear you can't!  I can't  isn't a word in the patriots vocabulary!

Ghillie007 IS  PISSED OFF                                                                       DATE:  12/06/2010

ABOUT:   This is the time of truth and also deception. The truth is that we will have our fight on our hands. The deception is that they are trying to hide it from us. So many things are taking place, and of course they have too. If you think about it, how will all this appear and what form? Its hard to say, but these small events, sometimes not noticeable but they have meaning. And all this leads to big events. Is America in the last days, or not? If America is not in the last days what is going to happen to America? Will it be America being destroyed? will it be that America is part of the bad against Jerusalem? So many questions, one can only speculate. We all know that we have to be prepared, and if you ain't, you better get prepared quickly. Something is coming, I know a lot of you can feel it. What it is, not sure yet. I can not see the future, but I know that we all feel it coming. We are all pissed at all the bad things happening. From the illegal situation
on to the terrorists that are here and the government knows it. From charitable groups to all out jihads in the Mosque's preaching hate against America. Network with your true patriot brothers and prepare. Low key and keep it together.

Almostnuts IS  PISSED OFF                                                                      DATE:  11/10/2010

ABOUT:    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND COMMITMENT TO THE COUNTRY.  If no one else tells you consider it done by one that loves his country and realizes the sacrifices required for its existence.
Chucker IS  PISSED OFF                                                                             DATE:  11/09/2010

ABOUT:    I am pissed off at the keyboard warriors who will not act.  We are being invaded by armed bandits from a foreign country as we speak.  My friends and I are hunting them.  There is no excuse for anyone in Phoenix, AZ to not be activley participating in helping secure the Territorial Integrity of These United States.  Call me at 480-457-4992 to find out how you can get with a team and get into the field.

Snowball1776 IS  PISSED OFF                                                              DATE:  10/11/2010

ABOUT:  I am pissed off about everything everyone on the pissed off page is pissed off about!  There is a lot of good pissed off stuff here I haven't read them all but enough to know everyone who is pisses also cares .  I agree with almostnuts about it taking 100 years to get snowballed into this insanity as a humble civilian
my personal awakening was horrifying I can not ignore it and had to admit that my wonderful America had been hijacked by greedy world dominators and they had a plan for the destruction of not just my freedom but my mind heart and soul and it is possible 90% of us don't matter, they will exterminated us with our own money and labor if we let them, Who? The George Soros's of the world, the puppet presidents who sold their souls presently Barrak Hussien Obama, I can't believe the American people even voted for someone who had
such obvious ties to radical who hate us, but there ya go,one of the oh so many problems, what pisses me off when I think about it is We the people of America have been sold out to communist China for one!  We don't make anything we have out sourced everything and the people are in need of work, we allow the Chinese (for example) the pay their worker 1.50 an hour to work! Jobs we should have at maybe 15.00$ an hour When Wilson made his back door deal and gave us the federal reserve he knew he did a terrible thing, when Nixon went yo China and opened up trade he also knew he did a terrible thing.  I don't think the U.S. should be allowed to encourage slave labor ao we can go to Walmart and buy things cheap and all the while we will
have nothing in the end [if the globalist have their NWO we will no longer be pacified with cheap products from Chinese slave labor we'll get a nice fit in a coffin sleave with the rest of the 90% of useless eaters .... These people worship Satan for Christ sake and sacrifice humans in holy places like the Vatican, Worship owls and America is in the way of the grand plan for dominance over the world...I just want a garden and some peace but looks like I won't get that wish in this lifetime I gotta think about these Luciferian bastards who wanna fuck up my day and the days of all my brothers and sisters that pisses me off quite a bit. I did find solace in knowing their is a Militia with morals standard and rules of engagement who will carry on the
constitution, bill of rights, and honor the King of Kings Our Almighty Savior how ever you choose to worship it matters not to me as long as you know there is a God it ain't you and you people who say you do not believe I will not stand in you way on your journey of life as long as you don't stand in my way, I hope know freedom will rule the day, We can choose how we get there, with honor is my choice and I know it is yours.

almostnuts IS  PISSED OFF                                                                             DATE:  10/10/2010

ABOUT: I could go on and on about the current situation we are encountering with the state of the nation. however we must not fracture or injure ourselves in the pursuit of building a viable movement within the country.  it is necessary to first build a firm foundation and not divide amongst ourselves the reason we are here.  when I blog, I get replies from all types of left wingers not wanting to hear the message, and thats okay.  duly noted. the message doesn't change.  the movement is not illegal or immoral and it seems only a few are concerned about the abyss the nation has descended.  I urge all members to sit on their hands and realize it took one hundred years to arrive at this point and we may never see the seeds we plant today.  however the work is important and necessary. I personally feel we must continue to build our communication, intelligence, and training, all the while knowing it will all come into being in good time with our efforts, time and
  money.  be patient, forge ahead with the plan and don't let the trolls cower you into thinking we are anything but concerned americans. our founding fathers encountered the same problems, lets move ahead, but not be foolish while doing so.
One Ready Mother Fucker IS  PISSED OFF                                        DATE:  9/29/2010

ABOUT: fuck it let's roll

FREEBYRD IS  PISSED OFF                                                                            DATE:  9/29/2010

ABOUT: There ya go Mr. Halford, your post has been made complete with all you grammer and typing errors.  The rules are simple for this Rant page, and I dont censor anything that would not be considered overboard with respect to serious threats or psychotic ramblings.

As far as your Rant, I assume you are here to criticize our site and our Defcon Area, that is obvious. This means your probably one of those trolls from either another site or just an idiot who has no friggen clue as to the actual workings of the site.  Either way I'm not sure what half truths and misinfomration you might be referring to since the recent Defcon report was already CONFIRMED by many sources including the LA TIMES,  so you can ramble on and on as you wish,  it only makes you look stupid when the evidence is right there in plain site for ALL to see.  

My suspicions are , your nothing but an Ass Hat troll like so many others who come here to try to discredit something good, something that has been here for over 7 years and enjoyed by literally thousands of True Patriots across this country.  All I can say is, when all hell breaks out, it's people like you that will be the most danger to all the rest of the Americans out there, because you have you head so far up your ass.

Why don't you sit back and eat some more of those NWO cookies and we'll all make sure to wave at you when your being carted off on the FEMA bus.  LOL
Doug Halford IS  PISSED OFF                                                                       DATE:  9/29/2010

ABOUT: Im pissed off at all the disinformation that is going on .Time and time again  things get overblown and it turns into a bunch of shit ! This is what a Federal disnformation attack does,it causes dissaray  and more hype than anything substancial ,in otherwords its nothing but a big distraction .

What is Truth and or Bullshit ? what we hear is well i meant this  or i meant that  or it was a false alarm and then at the end of the messs, someone says well at least the system is working, what kind of crap is that ? Eveyday ,more and more  i see were things are heading and i dont like it.I dont like the missinformation, dissinformation, censorship, excuses  and the outright half truths that is going on .To me this makes any place hat says this missinformation to be unreliable, and to not be trusted at all. You can only cry wolf so many times before you get burnt out and thats were many are-Burnt out of the same old shit that comes in and goes out .Ill check to see if the rant is posted.Im read all the rants and im seeing a pattern here of what people are saying or they saying things not being posted.  I guess il find out if its true if this gets posted or not .Im keeping this posting on my notepad so thier cant be any lies being told  that it will be an attack on the government or some other bullshit crap like wanting to kill babies or something, it happens from my undestanding .

Mr Disnfo agent in the house IS  PISSED OFF                                         DATE:  9/26/2010

ABOUT:   First it started with the arizona militia saying they need help and it was all out war, then it turned into a blubbering piece of shit with several aliens killed in a gunfight ,The hype was just too much.Now we have the 82 airborn  being positioned for martial law, Im laughing so hard , i almost shit my britches !  The foolish disnifrmation on here is ridiculus .Truly chicken little is in the house !  If you dont have accurate and verifiable information with proof and documentation, you dont have jack shit ! thats were we are at right, at level jack shit or as i call it-Defcon bullshit level 2 .

This seesm exactly what a Federal operation would do, and that is to spread a lot of disinformation .what does disinformation do ? For those that dont know google it and find the meaning of it .

Did i tell you that a special  military force coming from atlantis is positioning itself arund our cities,I heard it from buddy  whi is stationed in knome alaska in a remote airbase .We give away a lot of the Kool -Aid for anybody that wants it !  We got cherry , grape, fruit punch, strawberry , orange,all for your consumption .
Drink it up, we have it by the gallons !!!

Hell,I saw a military jeep on a train ,guess they are coming o get me,LOL!

folks, what im getting at is this .dont believe everythuing you hear and see and read on media and the news and on websites.Test it, check it out and research it . Disnofrmation is a business to many sites and media , it makes money and gets more traffic .See the whole picture and make intelligent decesions . Life is to short for more bullshit, we get enough of it every day from amultiple sources .

Gunfyter IS  PISSED OFF                                                                       DATE:  9/20/2010

ABOUT:   I am furious that our Govt' will not protect my borders here in AZ,I live very close to the "cave" where the BP arrested an illegal "spotter" for the Drug cartels and or the "coyotes"..I myself live out in the desert...I am prepared and will by ANY MEANS protect myself and home from anyone "treading" on my property ! Feds put up a WARNING sign here in the desert tell it's citizens NOT to go into this particular area because it is a known cartel/coyote corridor !!!! WTF !! this is AMERICA !! I will fricking not be pushed around by this current gov't or ANY CARTEL/COYOTE !!! I can spot them out just as EASY !! I'm a single female, and I might be lil' gal but I PACK BIG HEAT !!
Molon Labe !!!

DirtyHarry IS  PISSED OFF                                                                   DATE:  9/9/2010

ABOUT:   We let the illegals in, they behaved themselves for awhile, until there were too many of them to stop. Now look at them, protesting, threatening, and still illegal to boot.
In europe they said "let a few muslims in, it'll be ok and make us look good to the world" now look at them, too many muslims and they're out of control. Wake up America, it's going to happen here.

Holt IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                  DATE:  9/8/2010

ABOUT:  Ok here I go, I am not a racist ass hole, BUT I am sick and god dam tired of hearing about AZ getting shit for wanting to kick out ILLEGAL immigrants. IF YOUR NAME STARTS WITH ILLEGAL there is a problem, you are not in-tittled to the same rights I gave up my fucking left shoulder for and too dam many of my friends gave there lives for. And the Drug dealers bitching that there men got shot boo fucking whoo. Your a drug dealing fuck tard your men are rats, and guess what you wet back son of a bitch we are the fucking rat trap. You got the only Justice you deserver, 7.62 to the back of the head eat it bitch. O and I saw a post here about WRAM, there is another fucking joke, I was a member of that site, and I watched as a old member of my militia group who was most believe to be a plant, was given Adim status and single handed destroyed any work I had stated trying to get the 33 groups in PA at least talking to one another. After talking to the founder of WR
AM, we found out his true goal was to have more members than the NRA and apparently to have a Para military dating site. So I and many others had said FUCK THEM and there bull shit, we started our own, we don't care if he have 10 member or 10 million, we are here for the grater good. and we crack down on the bull shit, its simple really Find your state, pick a group, contact them enjoy the rest of your day.
we can be found at IF you are spam fuck you, if your a dick so what so am I. If your a pussy grow a set and get to work. And thats another thing that gets me so pissed off. I have and will do all most any job out there to make ends meet for my family I worked for 48 hours straight just to have enuf money for food and gas, I have driven all over the state and out of it for work, and I see all these ass holes saying there is no jobs out there there is but they suck, suck up your fucking pride just for a little bit grab a shovel and move horse shit for a while to something else comes along, I did it you can too. And for all you welfare fucks out there I say NEW LAW YOU WANT MY TAX MONEY AT MINIMUM 20 HOURS A WEEK COMMUNITY SERVICE, and if you drive a 2000's Escalide or some other over priced car you need to sell that shit and get something realistic like a fucking cobalt or a rabbit. and if you got more bling than MR T, fuck you sell that  shit. And no one get welfare for more than 6 months at a shot. after that some one comes to your house and kicks you in the crouch in till you get a job. Employers STOP HIRING ILLEGAL FUCKERS TO DO THE WORK, YOUR MAKING GANGS BIGGER HIRER LEGAL AMERICANS, PAY THEM WELL AND WATCH THE MARKET FIX ITS SELF. LASTLY IM WHITE and proud DEAL WITH IT!!!!  

Jacob David Brown IS  PISSED OFF                                             DATE:  9/8/2010

ABOUT:   You have insulted our integrity, almost demolished my culture, and have established a webbing of fear for which you trap your governd!  I am not afraid! Many are not afraid! ha ha ha . You have failed! You are the terrorists! You think you cn achieve the nwo by consent, and by many standards you have... I'll give you that, But know this! my body is the product of my mother and father..the soul was given to me by god!! Also know! That when you do come for me, I will not be leaving in cuffs!!! And know that I am aware you will kill me,..still unafraid. Only God can judge us...Its our duty to make sure these assholes get to court I have invested in prescious metals for 30 years, Lead ,Brass, and iron and am so waiting to spend some rounds !! See ya soon, just pull up front , Ill come to you!!! God Bless America. Amen
Jacob David Brown from Mecca indiana, across from the post office.

Rob James IS  PISSED OFF                                                                  DATE:  9/4/2010

ABOUT:   Patriots constantly bashing on other Americans. Those who dont agree with us are not our enemies!!! They are just lost sheep. EVERY Damn American is our brother and if you dumb fucks going on and on about stupid pety shit dont start getting focused on what is really at hand, the guess what? It will be over, and we will have lost, why? because all you so-called fucking PATRIOTS want to waste all your time making threats, throwing the black vs. white, the he said she said same ol' fucking bullshit. WTF? I might have seen 4 intellegant post here. The topic is not anything but, How will we restore this country? Does anyone still care about the SUBJECT? Why we are here? Get your shit together now folks, or there will be nothing to defend tomorow.

DirtyF.Harry IS  PISSED OFF                                                                DATE:  9/2/2010

ABOUT:   The funny papers say the White house, but it really means Obama and Biden, are banning the sales of the m1 from south korea. The excuse? The guns "Might" end up in the wrong hands and used for unlawful purposes.
This is the only excuse Obama has?
This, Mr. President is the lamest excuse I've ever heard. It matters not as the koreans kept them for 60 years and will hold them for 2 more. At that time you "WILL" be replaced with a real president with some integrity, then we will get the m1. Tell us Mr. President, what's the real reason you are so scared of these weapons? Do you think somone might use one to commit a crime against you? You're probably mad you couldn't ban the FN FAL, this is a whole lot more useful in that manner. Piss off Mr. President, your job is limited, your time to go is soon, you "WILL" be voted out, Punk!

MFreebyrd IS  PISSED OFF                                                                    DATE:  8/25/2010

ABOUT:   OK, there I posted your lame attempt at a Rant and since we are ranting.....   There is ONLY ONE Post that has come in to this page that I did not put up.  So, this tells me you are the fucktard who wanted to post it.   For everyone concerned, the so called "Rant" that you attempted to post was not a rant at all.  It was an outright calling for people to take up sniper operations and go to their town centers and begin killing people without discretion.

That is NOT  a Rant you fucking idiot, that is inciting violence toward innocent people. What kind of twisted  AssMaggot are you anyway?   It's stupid ass motherfuckers like you that give the entire patriot movement a black eye and you dont' deserve to have your words printed here.  Nonetheless, I have posted your attack on me and the site as yet another of your lame attempts at  a rant.  Maybe someday you will finish school and you'll be able to determine that a rant is suppose to be your opinion about an issue or topic, and not a platform for some psycho who simply can't seem to gather his thoughts long enough say anything intelligent about the issues we all face today!!!  Hopefully you'll do us all a favor and blow your own ass up while making pipe bombs in the nude from your mommas basement one day!   Adios compadre

Youmisserablecocksucker you! IS  PISSED OFF                      DATE:  8/25/2010

ABOUT:   Fuck Partiot Resistance ? Why? Because previous Rants are not being posted  , therfore they are being censored.  Even here of all places it happens. Dont say you never received it . Another bullshit website that aint worth a flying shit ! Have the Balls to post this you mother fucker !

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Boyd Williams IS  PISSED OFF                                                              DATE:  8/14/2010

ABOUT:   The fucking pussy assed keyboard commando's over at WRAM and their Regulators and admins.
I see what people meant by that site choking off people if you disagree with the site admins!  dude was on a power-trip last night. He literally put thousands of hours into that site, blah blah blah. Go ahead and stay there, I am with a real militia, not some facebook militia. fucking blow me!

Dirty F. Harry IS  PISSED OFF                                                                 DATE:  8/4/2010

ABOUT:   C'mon Federal Gummint, shit or get off the pot. We've been training and waiting for years. Make the move so we can get on with it. The American Patriots have got a little somethin somethin for ya.
The country will heal and gummint tyranny will never again get a foothold on the necks of the American people. Let's get this party started, jump sucka!

whatthefuckover IS  PISSED OFF                                                            DATE:  8/2/2010

ABOUT:   For bunch of flouride drinkin gmo eatin red blooded americans I'm sure proud as hell to see some pissed of mofo's reacting normally!My name is Jose and i am an AMERICAN TOO!!We've all got a right to be pissed off YEA! however are what are we pissed off about? I see here we're p o'd bout stuff that is reasonable to be po'd about. shit should have been done way back long ago! where were the patriots then? black panther? my ass! all they are , are bunch of cointel fucks getting to the lot of you!  the mexican issue and otm's that too is to spur up hatred and division within our ranks! what we really need is to FOCUS ON THE TRUE ENEMY! IDENTIFY OUR TRUE ENEMIES, SPLC,THE UNITED NATIONS,CONGRESS 99% OF THEM, OBAMA, DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN PARTIES! OVERSIZE FEDERAL GOV'T, THE GODAMN FEDERAL RESERVE PRIVATE BANKING INSTITUTION!!  SORROS, CFR, G20,BILDEBURG GROUP, GATES FAMILY,THE VATICAN (SORRY CATHOLICS, IWAS A MEMBER AT ONE TIME) Understand this folk's it's no
t color, religion, race,region or whatever the fuck!Yea i get pissed at the kill white babies comment but who orchestrated this rediculous hate motivated comment?the black panther party is so 60's, and cointelpro brought it down. and WHAT! they're back? now? why? WE HAVE BEEN FUCKED SINCE 1913!!!  BLACKS AND MEXICANS DIDN'T START THIS. So all i am sayin is please don't fall for the bullshit prapoganda, that's all. our focus should be november REMEMBER NOVEMBER! AND VOTE OUT THE SCUM OF ALL COLOR,AND GOD KNOW;S THEIR RELIGION,LUCIFER! all they want is us dead PERIOD! WHAT IS A TRUE PATRIOT? DOES IT HAVE A COLOR,A RELIGION THAT DOES NOT COINCIDE WITH OURS,DO THESE PEOPLE WANT LIBERTY? THESE PEOPLE YOU MAJORITY AGREE AGAISNT ARE SCARED LIKE YOU. you wanna be a true patriot? talk to these people you know the frightened ones and tell em they are militia, that you cannot constitutionally except nothin less. I don't know but it does. i am a  christian also a father a grandfather, i
  am a member of mich militia, i believe in all of you! anything less won't do. There is os much more to say but i won't not now. but i fear for my children and beyond,we need to make it right in our quest against TYRANNY!!! GOD BLESS, AND BY ALL MEANS DO NOT BE DECIEVED, JOSE FROM MICH OVER AND OUT.

Ezekiel IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                   DATE:  7/31/2010

ABOUT:   "Son of man, speak to your countrymen and say to them: 'When I bring the sword against a land, and the people of the land choose one of their men and make him their watchman, and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people, then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not take warning and the sword comes and takes his life, his blood will be on his own head."

griz IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                            DATE:  7/21/2010

ABOUT:   I see where the NAACP is calling Tea Party folks racist.  I saw the videos of the blacks marching calling white people crackers and telling folks they need to kill their babies.  I seen the video of the brown beret.  I have had it.  White people are not racists blacks and mexicans are.  I think its time for a white people coalition.  Then when the white people get all the freebies like the rest of the sick, lame, and lazy, maybe the folks will become Americans and quit asking what the government can do for them and ask what can I do for my government.  Besides being a drain on tax payers.
Any citizen that calls himself anything other than an American isn't.  Think about that black-american, mexican-american and on and on we go.

griz IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                             DATE:  7/19/2010

ABOUT:   Did ya see the brown beret video???  We need to do something to stop this crap now.  I ask Gov. Brewer to call on veterans to defend her borders.  I will help stop this envasion with my rifle.  Give me a green light!!!

savagejoerude IS  PISSED OFF                                                                     DATE:  7/18/2010

ABOUT:   I'm pissed about EVERY DAMN THING!!!!!

IndianaPatriot IS  MADDER THAN A MOFO                                               DATE:  7/12/2010

ABOUT:   I am getting pissed off at how much they are turning this into a Race issue. How much of this shit do we have to listen to and I hope this is helping us and more people start joining the militia's so they can get training for them and their families so when they start to do more then just talk you can defend your family! God Bless the USA and be with us because these asshole's want more then talk.
Can you imagine if anybody white was saying or doing the shit that is being done.The government wants a divided country that is why none of us are Americans like we all should be instead we are broke up in groups....Better to control us so we better come together quick.

Johnny Rebel IS  PISSED OFF                                                                      DATE:  7/12/2010

ABOUT:   America turned its back on God,so God is going to give us over to our enemies.

Nightstalker IS  PISSED OFF                                                                           DATE:  7/11/2010

ABOUT:   What this is, is a form of lets get something started. This video displays the necessary enging of hate to get people to react to such anger. I believe that this is wrong for this to happen and if a white man did this then there would be a riot and it would be okay for a black man to riot. If it comes down to race then we are all one race and those that would fall for this and start a fight based on words then they have already lost the battle, don't fall for this, this is what they want for us to start a racial war and then they will call martial law and call in the troops.
Let us fight for something more then this, fight to free armerica for the lies and oppression that they have dealt us, prepare and wait for the time . for the sun is setting on their agenda and rising on our fight, brothers and sisters.

FED(THE HELL)UP HERE!!! IS  MADDER THAN A MOFO                   DATE:  7/11/2010

ABOUT:   What the hell are we doing setting on our asses letting a buncha nigger black panther shit say their going to kill cracker babies?? and noone is doing a damn thing? our borders have been invaded with mexican.muslum scumshit which is a act of WAR and we set here bitching? madder than a mofo aint the word for what i feel!!!!!!
                                      Here is what is being Referred to in this comment, Link Below.

Anglo of <> IS  PISSED OFF                  DATE:  7/8/2010

ABOUT:   I could go on and on with respect to what our government from the local level up to the Unconstitutional federal level is doing. 
I really believe in causing those prying eyes to have to spread their forces and therefor, suggest that to all that can, move to a more rural area if you are living in a metro area.  Small towns or acerages.  Have contacts and be ready to mobilize immediatly.

Ghillie007 IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                  DATE:  7/7/2010

ABOUT:   I agree with all of you, there is alot of talk. And a true line has to be drawn, but that line for one may not be the same for others, we have to come together in this. I have had surveillance done by federal authorites came by my home checking me out just a quick recon. Never seen these two before. We know what is happening but when we don't know. To all those that have the line drawn and to all those that will stand with them. Everyday is a blessing, and each day above ground is a chance to prepare more. Keep your powder dry, your plans concealed and your motivation and will strong for that time.. To all my brothers out there time is coming and watch your six these guys will not play fair. so don't give in or give up. to the last man.

IndianaPatriot IS  PISSED OFF                                                                          DATE:  7/4/2010

I know and hear what your saying, but believe me your not alone there is alot more of us then people realize uh. Ever want to leave us a note feel free to sign our page at Watchmen of Indiana we are listed in the militia pages at this site. Stay Safe and Saty Alert Always!

MR  ANTINWO IS  PISSED OFF                                                                         DATE:  7/4/2010

ABOUT:   IndianaPatriot,
What am I going to do about it? Id like to tell you exactly what im going to do about it but if I posted it here and for all to see I could be immediately arrested probably within a few hours or sooner! Because what id have to say could be taken as a possible threat to those who want to suppress me or control me and as well it could inspire those that are sitting on the fence  which could even make me more of a threat.
  Honestly,we really don't have free speech anymore  because its already gotten to that point.This forum and many others are already heavily monitored.One thing I have to do is be smart about this Indianapatriot.
Honestly,I do have a line that if it gets crossed their will be action's .What  that is I can not tell you .I can neither tell you exactly what action's im referring to .One thing you never want to do is tell people your plans or to  everybody else. A well thought plan involves elements of Surprise,Tactical know how and knowledge,
Survival skills, Excellent execution and back up plans just in case.But it also involves one's Will and Determination . Those last 2 things are vital for most any plan ! BECAUSE A MANS WILL AND DETERMINATION ARE DIFFICULT TO DEAL WITH AND VERY HARDER TO STOP.In fact almost unstoppable!

IndianaPatriot IS  PISSED OFF                                                                            DATE:  7/4/2010

ABOUT:   MR  ANTINWO you are right on alot of what you said so our question is what you going to do about or what is your plan?

MR  ANTINWO IS  MADDER THAN A MOFO                                                    DATE:  7/4/2010

ABOUT:   We protest and its doesn't do a dam thing but make some noise.They taz our asses all the time.They can indefinitely hold us without a trial. They set up false flag operations and have wars with no position of actually winning. They Tap your phones and have you under constant surveillance.they add bullshit Laws and infringe on your right to bear arms.They make you conform to almost anything and you KEEP TAKING IT UP THE ASS LIKE  A NEWLY INCARCERATED INDIVIDUAL .There wont be no Revolution ! Why? Because you KEEP TAKING IN THE ASS ! They keep Taxes and you take it.They keep doing Draconian laws and regulations and you take it. they keep manipulating the Markets and you take it. They keep taking your Freedoms and rights away ever so slowly almost every month and you take it . They keep doing this because they know YOU DONT HAVE THE BALLS TO A DAM THING ABOUT IT .YEA THATS RIGHT TOUGH GUY.Talk about how much ammo you have and show pictures of you with your guns, lead them right to you .Talk about how brave you are and try to convince others that you
will make a stand? Talk about your Backwoods retreats and safe house and your food and water storage and of course your bug out bag .You see-ALL YOU DO IS FUCKING TALK .Were going to do this and were going to do that  and we have plans here and we have plans there. You are all screwed and you know it ! Look at all the Radio shows and militia weskits and all the continued Bullshit talk, talk, talk .Exactly were they want you .Doing absolutely fucking nothing!
THE PROBLEM IS YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO CONFORM AND TO BACK DOWN  AND THEY KNOW THIS! That is why the talk will continue and you  being the Pussy's that they want you to be .Do you think you can escape by moving and getting a few acres of land and your supplies and holding out-That is absolutely laughable and wishful thinking. Anyway steeples , armchair survivalist, weekend warriors,paintball militias and so called Patriots.YOU WILL OCNTINUE TO DO NOTHIGN AND YOU WILL OCNTINUE TO BAK DOWN AND TAKE IT DEEP AND HARD.They will keep pushing and you will accept it by meetings, tea parties, local and big events and speakers but in the end the result is the same .YOU TAKE IT ! This will keep going for many years .All they have to do  is create more wars or diversions.they control you through money .They take your jobs away and outsource them .They control communities and states and most of all your political leadership .They Control the media and even indoctrinate you and your kids in the public school system. They will soon control your Healthcare and you cant stop it ! They even control most churches because of there 501 3c status-churches will comply with them if they want to survive and will be told to tell there peoples that you must conform and use some biblical scripture out of context to fit there own needs .Do you also think your Retirement accounts and 401k plans are secure? LoL-they will suck that dry as well and leave your lifetime of work empty with you depending on them .YOU ALL GET THE PICTURE.KEEP BITCHEN AND MOANING AND KEEP  TAKING IT IN DEEP BECAUSE THATS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL DO ! I expect there to be some replies that will say  not me, I wont take it, I wont bendover ,I wont do that or this .More talk is all it is .My question to you out there is simply this? When is the crossing line from talk to action occur? What trigger will it be for you ? Most all militia radio programs tell you to open more websites, get more groups and
  Definitely KEEP ON TALKING .But were has this got us in the last 5 years? Did they stop from you losing your freedoms and rights? did they stop the bullshit Laws? What exactly have they done  to stop anything that has occurred or will in the future? We don't have another 5 years of this !

Sgt. Cold IS  PISSED OFF                                                                              DATE:  7/3/2010

ABOUT:   They have been eating away at our Constitution for a long time now. If you just go back as far as the institution of the fed res and tax on income, it's been at least 100 years. We have been going down hill slowly for at least 100 years. Nothing that we the people have said and done about stopping this down hill slide has prevented our decay. Look where we are now! Given this, it's safe to say that the tea Parties or any peaceful demonstrations against the government policies which violate OUR Constitution will be ignored. They have had 100 years to institutionalize themselves into every facet of the government local and federal, and our educational systems and Media. It's game over! Our Pearl Harbor has already been subject to multiple attacks. Our own government have become the Red Coats just as the Founding fathers said would happen if we were not vigilant.

The only thing thing left for us to do now is build up our military machine. That means; awaken everyone in America who is not a Red Coat sympathizer to their true nature and destiny. That they are American Patriots. Form alliances and communication networks. Vehemently and publicly  denounce all infringements of our Rights so that the people and the Red Coats know in no uncertain terms what is coming and why it is coming if they continue in their unconstitutional pursuits.  We must quickly build up a movement against the Red Coat scourge because the the next infringement on our Rights could be the one that starts a war. Let the battle lines be drawn now. Let the people stockpile and prepare. THEY ARE NOT LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE!

LegalizeFreedom IS  PISSED OFF                                                            DATE:  7/3/2010

ABOUT:   I am with Zebra1.  Hell yes.  Unfortunate but true that the word Militia just gets you shut down or killed or blown off Ruby Ridge.  A peaceful solution would be best but not likely so know your neighbors, grow your food and collect your security in silence.  Defend when the time comes, alongside your friends.  We have already lost our freedoms and we pay all of our monies.  I don't see them coming back without a total disbanding of the officials in charge.  Lets see......How can we do that?      How do we do that using our heads?

TIMEISSHORT IS  PISSED OFF                                                                   DATE:  7/2/2010

ABOUT:  People have to remeber that A.R.M.  is  a leaderless movement . Jim is just a person who has a radio show, let those who follow him deal with the bullshit there. I know that everyone of us has a brain and we need to use it .I as well of all of you are sick and tired of the crap thats going on .If you cant focus togther then you better focus on your group or squad or unit and family an friends.dont think another militia from out of state will come running to help you out ,you better plan on the people you have and depend on the skills that you have learned and trained for .Im sure the Powers to be have planned for the worst case scenerio involving divison sized units against smaller groups. Because if they plan for the worst they are better prepared to handle the Patriots .the only cource we have is every single house they go to that you fight to the death . Over time and cith blocks and homes there strength will dwindle and they will become weaker and the Patriots will be stronger . 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nightstalker IS  PISSED OFF                                                                         DATE:  7/1/2010

ABOUT:   NVPATRIOT speaks the truth, all this about what the government is doing and everyone is fighting among themselves, Unite under the Banner for Freedom or Get Out of Our Way. IF you can't run with the Big Dogs stay on the Porch.
Lets get this party started..

Rob James NVPATRIOT IS  PISSED OFF                                               DATE:  6/30/2010

ABOUT:   And to you assholes throwing out the racist bullshit,get the FUCK out of here and go hang with your Nazi fag friends.You to are the enemy. We have got NO room for that kind of DUMB CUNT kind of thinking.WE as Americans can only unite together no matter what color, race, and creed.If your an American you are my brother, if not, go home.Nazis are FUCKING socialist and are our enemy, and always have been.So, if you are an American join us now and put your differences aside.Its your GOD given duty to do so.

Rob James NVPATRIOT IS  PISSED OFF                                              DATE:  6/30/2010

ABOUT:   I am personally pissed about what a fucking joke this movement has turned into since the whole Charles Dyer arrest.The now only focused on talking shit back and forth between each other and not the reason we are fucking here. Who gives a shit Jim, move the fuck on. We are not here to bash and bring down our brothers in arms, yet that's all anyone does. None of us are perfect. Our personal lives are not the fucking issue here people. The issue is, what the FUCK are we gonna do to restore our country back to its former greatness.Don't think they(D.H.S.) haven't noticed the division within the movement. That's exactly what they want and it is going according to plan.Leave the bullshit behind and unite PATRIOTS, that is why we are here, if not, your a cunt, not an American.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nightstalker IS  PISSED OFF                                                                            DATE:  6/29/2010

ABOUT:   OK, Gunshot
\will do.. The reason for the ex-military for this society is that most of us have the training to do the job, not that any one can't be trained. This way we have the training and knowledge of team operations.

Gutshot IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                      DATE:  6/25/2010

ABOUT:   Shadow warrior Society .When you post on the rant be sure to include that only ex military is allowed to join to your site(shadow warrior society) .These websites are lloing all the same ,is it the same . The True Patriot is one who stands for Liberty and for the Constitution.

Nightstalker IS  PISSED OFF                                                                             DATE:  6/24/2010

ABOUT:   I am starting to bring public the orangization that I started and there are many that are involved.

Its the Shadow Warrior Society.
It is here to bring about freedom from oppression, and its time to bring everyone in.
Its almost time to act upon what we believe to be true. Gather  your arms, and food and what have you. Prepare plan train. Join  us, the elite society to free the American people from what is and what comes. We are the true 5th Columnists.

TIMEISSHORT IS  REALLY PISSED OFF                                                       DATE:  6/19/2010


Knockumdeadkid IS  PISSED OFF                                                                  DATE:  6/18/2010

ABOUT:   We're about to witness the soon expected economic  market crash soon .gold is is at its highest ever-they are in trouble.  Obama must start to interject more cash into the system or it will be catastrophic. Stimulus will come out before end of summer. Market should drop 2000-3000 points by the end of august.Deflation followed by hyperinflation seems to be the current course . People get ready. Foreign Troops are being stationed around in most Military ports and basis. They know what is coming. Get read to defend your lives and your liberties because the Tree of Liberty is mighty thirsty .She will need much and we must give it all she can take .Sweet death you have no  victory over me !

SAWMAN IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                    DATE:  6/17/2010

ABOUT:   Sheeeple of the world , Your masters are gathering you together.Al lwe need is athe one man who will fix the worlds problems and be razzled and dazzled by his powers from the Heavens .For many will be deceived .the time is nigh approaching and hour is getting late . What im basically saying is you sheeple get you a fucking gun and ammo and know how to use it and use it well !

NiTRO IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                             DATE:  6/17/2010

ABOUT:   When the HELL is the military going to fulfill it's constitutional oath and arrest Hussein and his administration for being DOMESTIC ENEMIES???? What's it gonna take?  Where the HELL is our military?

FreedomToSurvive IS  PISSED OFF                                                                DATE:  6/13/2010

ABOUT:   Whats this fuckin bullshit law that says its illegal to start a militia in my state.  The no good cock suckers set me up and stole my gun rights. They made it illegal for me to protect my family from the fuckin towel heads and illegals flooding this country.  Im so damned pissed I cant even think.  Then you got the two faced mother fuckers who act like they got your back and at the same time are getting ready to cut your throat.  The shit thats going on in this country is down right disgraceful.  Americans starving because of all of the lost jobs that were sent over seas while the government is send billions to the banks and across the world to save their asses.  Thats what pisses me off.

BRAINSPLATTER IS  PISSED OFF                                                                   DATE:  6/13/2010


Zebra1 IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                             DATE:  6/12/2010

ABOUT:  It all comes down to this. The quiet people will be the ones to win. Why do I say this? Because the extremists, the wackos, the racists and such will most likely either kill themselves off, or die trying. Then, it comes down to us, the quiet folks, who've been biding our time, stockpiling slowly and under the radar, and taking care of business with no fanfare, no webpages, nothing except neighbors and friends getting together. Leaving the religion and politics aside, it's a bad place we're in, and it's getting worse, but, and I can sympathise, folks are afraid to make the first move, cause we're all trying to bring change about peaceably, through our rights as citizens. I'm just afraid it's not working too well, so many things happening it's hard to keep track of things. Don't feel down, don't feel alone, for every 1 person on a website ranting like here, there are 10-20 in the shadows, quietly doing what they must, organizing the rally points, the cac
hes, the ammo dumps, the hiding places for the children and safety zones for family and non-combatants. Yes, it's more talk, but think of whats happening behind the scenes, we're all there, mad as hell. The only question is, who makes the first move?

FEDUP! IS  STILL PISSED OFF                                                                                DATE:  6/11/2010

ABOUT:  Damn i like this page!! i feel all of you,believe me i do!

Patriot of death IS  PISSED OFF                                                                          DATE:  6/10/2010

ABOUT:  How tired i am of the bullshit. Everyday its more bullshit. More talk  about this and more talk about that. More bullshit Laws and more speculation. Meanwhile nothing fucking gets done. The same shit presented in the same way! Sure we can bitch and rant but that only makes us feel temporaily better and then its back to the same old thing-over and over again. I hope all you Hardcore - Constitutionalist fuckers rise and and rise in numbers when the time comes. America needs to be cleaned from the bottom up!  Were heading down toilet  in a big way and most of us will be absolutely broke by the time this really hits us. Unfortunately we will have the same people in office only moved around a bit. We will receive the more of the same. Im ready for this to EXPLODE. When enough people are hurting is like when a Tiger is wounded. It doesnt put up with no shit and its reaction is most deadly and fierce because a prolonged struggle or fight will weaken it so it must
make the fight short and swift! People-when is it time for you?  When your homeless? When your out on the streets? When you have no medical coverage and find out you have cancer? When your 401k is gone? When your last unemploymnet check comes? When your credit is ruined and you lose your home or car? WHEN WILL IT BE FOR YOU ?

JohnWesleyHardin's gr8x5 nephew "no shit" IS  PISSED OFF     DATE:  6/10/2010

ABOUT:  Well I guess I'm pissed because.... everyone of us that are writing about how pissed we are, aren't sitting in an abandoned warehouse in one of our once great states polishing tools getting ready to use them for our freedom. I feel my generation has let us all down and i'm pissed off that the previous 4 generations let this shit get as far along as it has without doing anything. I look around and see most of my Male peers wearing pink popped collar shirts and acting like a culture they no nothing about... except what they here on the radio and see on MTV/BET. I'm pissed off that I'm 50% engine and cracker rednecks with no class call me a spic or mexican behind my back. I'm pissed off that some of you ignorant inbreds reading this are thinking "come round here and I'll say to yer face"
I'm pissed off that we all are so easily trustworthy to authority and government. I'm pissed off that my Engine ancestors surrendered and let european immigrants turn this Beautiful land into this. I'm pissed off at All major inventors of the 19th and 20th century, because they gave us all these crutches of society to draw our focus away from the most important thing of all free will. I'm  mad as hell that every time I get a pack of smokes I gotta a look at a possible jihadist face behind the glass of the counter."Oh he swears he's a christian though"
I'm sick of fake American christians. At least Muslims stick to there rules of thier religion you know like kill infidels  and wrap your bitches up like burritos. Meanwhile catholic fag mongers and Ted Haggart fuck anuses until their lil Jesus bred hearts content. I'm pissed about dragging Jesus into this also. I shouldn't have to but..... it pisses me off. I'm sick of seeing lil weekend warrior paintball matches with 40 year old dudes taking it way to serious, the kid you just shot was 7 and your acting like you just conquered and toppled the whole fucking mid east insurgency all on your own... YOUR FUCKING LAME.... as is your 13 year old over weight non cardio having fat ass son that you don't spend enough time with.
Last but not least I'm fucking damn mad that America hasn't made a good vehicle since the fucking late 70's....
I was born in 81' fuckers it would be nice to own a good NEW american car before I fucking DIE!
One thing I'm not pissed off about though is the fact I can sit here and type all this and not have to worry about being killed for it because many many men laid that RIGHT at my feet before they even knew me through way of courage and sacrifice. Thank you guys! And the rest of you can fucking eat each other. You fucking Zombies!

BrotherPatriot IS  STILL PISSED OFF                                                              DATE:  6/07/2010

ABOUT:  Ok...I have had enough. Right now, in real world time there is a movement beginning.  A enlightenment of the people of this world and what is it about...?  The Bilderbergs.  Sooo, soo many people still don't even know who they are...which is testimant to how well they control virtually everything...meaning...the Media.  I'm sick and tired and PISSED the FUCK OFF that we Americans have to go outside our Country to find out what is really happening out there.  I means seriously...WTF?  I'm totally discusted that none of the news channels are covering this very important topic that Danial Estulin, Jim Tucker and Alex Jones has been talking about.  The Bilderbergs control is beginning to unravel and right now is when the True American Journalist would scream at the top of his lungs about what is happening out there...yet, we don't hear about it.
Now, this said...people please here me, we must NOT give Obama a chance to call martial law until after the November elections.  I know we are all mad but we have to use the system we have to the best of our enlightend true Patriotic ability. Not all politions are dirty...just most of them. Try to keep violence from breaking out where you are...we have alot of very talented, very intelligent people working on this problem.  There are several motions being filed by (dare I say it) lawyers who are working for us. Such items as: Obama's (Barry's)Birth Certificate, the 9/11 twin towers demolition (verticle cut beams & Thermite being used), the Bilderbergs illegal gatherings, etc.  Channel your anger however you need to into something constructive instead of's what we need to do at this time.  Trust me, I'm an Ex-Navy SEAL and if a fight is coming...I'll be on the line w/you if I still draw breath but that time is not yet.

Anonymous IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                 DATE:  6/07/2010

ABOUT:  More false flag operations will be coming. Expect things to get worse especially by the end of summer. Gas prices should climb higher to were they can make some more money off the 4th of july. Look for War before christmas time as a distraction because the housing and employment will be dismall. Its coming people!!! Get your guns and Get it done! We can have themn cleaned out in a matter of a few days .Its allmost tiome to rock and roll!!!!

FED (the hell ) UP!!! IS  PISSED OFF                                                                DATE:  6/07/2010

ABOUT:  Im pissed cuz i am a true blue home grown down to the bone American and i cant walk out here an take a few a these fukin illegals for a damn ride!! under my damn truck!! they hang their flag in my country like its their own! wtf? when the hell we puttin a stop to this shit b4 i go postal!!!

FEDUP!! IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                            DATE:  6/07/2010

ABOUT:  Would like to bring his commie.muslime.worthless ass to the mtns a nc an string him in a big oak tree and slap the horses ass my damn self!! oh yea,and the rest a them pieces a shit he has up his sorry ass too!!

BLOODSTONE IS  PISSED OFF                                                                             DATE:  6/07/2010

ABOUT:  Killthemall is correct in a way .There has been to much talk and its never ending with the escuse is we need more time.I say more time for what ? All the talk show and radio programs acheive nothing if there is no action . Tickling of the ears seems to entertain people to inaction .We will find out soon enough who has the BALL'S and who doesnt!

Killthemall IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                        DATE:   6/06/2010 

ABOUT:  I'm fucking pissed off and mad as Hell !!! I'm tired of the corporate bullshit that our government does and continues to. I'm pissed off because I cant get a job Here in California and the jobs that are available don't have any benefits and pay 10 bucks an hour-its an unlivable wage. I'm fucking pissed off that militias don't communicate and talk to each other in the same states.Too much division , Infiltration and other crap to deal with but my biggest bitch is this to America: HOW MUCH LONGER ARE WE GOING TO PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT?

Until all of us have lost our gun rights and Obama is President for another 4 years . What will it take to get your ass to move? All the distractions (Israel,Oil slick,Kagen the pagan,Gun laws,Fincial economic debt, no jobs, Illegals). Its going to get to that critical point and when it does all those who profess with there mouths  better represent.Talk-talk-talk but we need is Action, action, action!!!   What are you going to do about it ?

RandyMack IS  BLOWING A GASKET NOW                                                            DATE:  6/06/2010

ABOUT:  Now I remember what I was really Pissed off about: I'm pissed off cus illegal aliens walk around with picket signs demanding free fucking everything, and their signs openly say that unless they get it, they will continue to kill cops in Arizona! I'm pissed off cus if I did the same shit I would be in fucking jail! I'm pissed that all these black militant ppl get to openly promote their National Black Power rally, yet let me mention a white European ancestry rally, and I'm a fucking racist. I'm pissed that reverse discrimination, even by the gov't is now fucking legal, and Grambling can be an all black school, and there can be Asian only scholarships, and Hispanic holidays, yet if some kids wear an American flag on their shirt, they are suspended..FUCK THAT! If you don't like it, get the fuck out! That goes for all you Nazi socialist bastards as well! You don't like our culture, our customs, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence? Well Fuck off back across whatever border or ocean you crossed to get here!

RandyMack REALLY HAS A PANTY WAD NOW                                                      DATE:  6/06/2010

ABOUT:  I'm pissed off that jarhead72 is having problems finding like minded ppl to defend our freedom! I'm pissed off that our economy sucks so bad that those who do train to defend their homes, freedoms, and country find it almost impossible to equip themselves and prepare! I am pissed off that I have to wait for Freebyrd to post this damn thing! I am pissed off that more ppl are getting their asses off the couch and getting prepared to stand firm! I'm pissed off that every "little p" patriot out there talks a lot of shit (they'll never take my gun, or come and get em) and yet fold like a cheap suit when their are taken up on their challenge! I am pissed off that so many fake ass wannabe militia out there hide behind masks and talk shit constantly making us all look bad! Grow A Pair and Show Yourself! Militia Don't Hide! Militia Don't Look Like Gang Bangers or Terrorists! I'm pissed off cus I'm so pissed off I can't think straight enough to remember all the things I am pissed off about and even More Pissed Off that I have so many damn things to be pissed at the gov't, and We the People for!!!

fauxanarchist71 IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                 DATE:  6/06/2010

ABOUT:  I'm pissed...
when I speak out, my own family "shushes" me!! I can't say or do what I feel is right?
The courts took my guns and now all I have is my will, and there's NOT much freedom in that, either.

jarhead72 IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                                 DATE:  6/06/2010

ABOUT:  What really gets my goat is keyboard warriors that whine and bitch about everything. But when they have the chance to meet other like minded people they never show up to a damn meeting or excerise. I have look for a year now and have only come up with 5 people that have the guts and time to unite and get to know one another. I feel there are to many panty waist pussy's who want to talk the talk on the internet but when the shtf they will be our enemies. To all the pussy's I only say if something happens and I have to bug out you come into my camp I'll shoot first and ask questions latter. I know who I can trust and believe me if I don't know "you I don't trust you".
What I would like to know is there any other swinging dicks (or ladies) out there that thinks like I do?

RandyMack IS  STILL PISSED OFF                                                                                  DATE:  6/04/2010

ABOUT:  I'm pissed off that people still believe the lies of the media, even though 87% of you say you know it is all a lie. I'm pissed off that you still watch tv more than you give a shit about the country. I'm pissed off that people still fight over republican vs. democrat knowing that every single one in the past has fucked us over. I'm pissed off that I'm still having to post shit about being pissed off when we could have had our freedom back a long time ago if We the People had been Pissed off a long time ago.

Neil Goldberg IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                          DATE:  6/03/2010

ABOUT:  Neil Goldberg at the Live Oak Grange with Sheriff Mac   -  REMEMBER AMERICA - FIGHT FOR THE DREAM

MicHelmsJr IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                                  DATE:  6/02/2010

ABOUT:  How it seems that "Americans" don't understand that they keep giving their "thumbs up" to the horrible way things are by not comprehending that the current US government is not legitimate, but instead is an insurgent government that has duped the American people into supporting it. Check it out and think about it: Freedom looks nothing like the United States today, and too few care enough to really understand why!

Bloodstone IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                                   DATE:  6/01/2010

ABOUT:  Im pissed off because americans arent standing up .by the time americans stand up it will be too late and they will be too broke . The Time is coming in the next 6 months that will change the history of our nation. Stock up , lock and load and be Prepared to fight to the Death . What is coming is Wicked and those taht are prayed up and stocked up with the will and means to follow a plan will make it better than those that dont.

Truckin IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                                             DATE:  6/01/2010

ABOUT:  Not a lot of critical thinking going on these days.

Jarhead72 IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                                     DATE:  6/01/2010

ABOUT:  I guess it depends on what sort of training your interesed in. Sitting around a camp fire talking about different senerios is one thing to work with firearms survival etc is a differnt issue. If one plans to have a certian group that wishes to practice tactics security defense etc every 4 to 6 weeks is almost a must. Without getting to know other people their weak and strong points their liminations and the likes, a person would be hard pressed to trust and depend on them. In some situations a person has to trust others and unless you get to know a person pretty good total trust isn't possible. Meeting 3 or 4 times a year in my opinion is a waste of time. Only training and praticing together can make a team.

Deadeye105 IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                                   DATE:  6/01/2010

ABOUT:  I am sick and tired of seeing illegals cominmg here to our country and popping out anchor babies on our fucking tax dollars, and even more tired of all the lazy no good mother fuckers who sit around on their dead asses and collect welfare because they feel as though it is an "entitlement". Spread my work ethic, not my wealth. Contribute to this country's well being or get the fuck out.

BrotherPatriot IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                              DATE:  6/01/2010

ABOUT:  I'm pissed off that we are still giving them time to continue setting up their facilities, moving their troops into positions and basically diggin into our very land...all of this preparation to kill us & our way of lives.  I'm pissed off we are STILL letting them do these preperations just these few last seconds you began reading this post...!!!  America...we are at war right NOW.  Wake up, people...they are in our very government sewing their corruption into the very fabric of our lives.

EyesWideOpen16 IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                       DATE:  5/31/2010

ABOUT:  I am mad as Hell that my rant just fucked up and does not seem to be posting!

Bluheron1 IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                                         DATE:  5/30/2010

ABOUT:  I'm pissed off that the American People sit by quietly, while a bunch of commies destroy the country our forefathers and brothers died for. We should march on Washington, round these fuckers up, and hang them on the White House Lawn!!!

PatWitaGat IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                                       DATE:  5/28/2010

ABOUT:  I'm fuckin pissed off at this government and these wetbacks demanding shit.

BADBOYBOOGIE IS REALLY PISSED OFF                                                                        DATE:  5/28/2010

ABOUT:  I'm fuckin fustrated at all the sheep w/ their heads stuck royally up their asses! I'm pissed off that America could be this far in the fuckin gutter and just a very few of us even give a fuck! I'm pissed off, I'm pissed off, I'm pissed off! Fuck you new world order scumbag motherfuckers your time is at hand very soon! You can kill the revolutionary, but you can never kill the revolution! Freedom will never die, just those who try to take it from us!
Randy Mack IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                                      DATE:  5/28/2010

ABOUT:  I'm pissed off that Americans still remain divided; that Americans still haven't banded together for the common good of their own freedom....Those days are soon to end though, very soon. Soon, we will unite, under a common banner, for our families, our friends, our homes, and our country.
Pewbert Stinks IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                                DATE:  5/27/2010

ABOUT:  It is estimated that the total national number of incarcerated fathers for failure to pay child support is 250,000. Some believe the number is closer to 400,000. - Now this to me looks like 1 big army if someone decides to get them all together. so which is better be a slave or FIGHT.
AngelGirl IS  PISSED OFF                                                                                                            DATE:  5/27/2010

ABOUT:  I am mad as hell that American's money is paying for the take down of America. I am mad as hell that I ran into a cousin I haven'` seen for years, online, said something about Obama and she got really pissed. I can't believe that she is a LIBERAL! Only the insane support the insane and she was the perfect example of non-tolerance of Freedom of speech. Her dad, who is now dead, was a career military man during and after WW II. I`ll bet my uncle is rolling over in his grave. Well, she will soon see I was right in what I said!
DaiseyCutter IS STILL PISSED OFF                                                                                       DATE:  5/25/2010

ABOUT:  I agree with Franke ! Shut it down ! No more aid until our country is fixed ! It's America's money and we seem to be the last ones to receive any benefit from it. GOD BLESS AMERICA,and nowhere else !!!!!
DaiseyCutter IS PISSED OFF                                                                                                  DATE:  5/25/2010

ABOUT:  Mad as hell that our messiah let that piece of shit mexican bad mouth our country last week and all the commie libturds applauded him !
Franke Schein IS PISSED OFF                                                                                              DATE:  5/24/2010

ABOUT:  I'm PISSED OFF that America feeds our enemies, clothes their kids, gives financial aid to those bastards--and we have people in America living on the streets, or still getting their water from the stream..Something is wrong with THAT policy!
IndianaPatriot IS STILL PISSED OFF                                                                                   DATE:  5/23/2010

ABOUT:  Want to know what pisses me off that is more people aren't rant and raving on this page that has 100% FREEDOM OF SPEECH use it people so we know what's on your mind. Stay Safe and Stay Alert!
IndianaPatriot IS PISSED OFF                                                                                              DATE: 5/21/2010

ABOUT:  I am pissed that half this country is still believing all the shit that comes out of the Liberals mouth!
TN REBEL  IS PISSED OFF                                                                                                       DATE: 5/21/2010

ABOUT:  These fuckers in our government need to be strung up on the white house lawn for treason!!
Everyone damn one of them!!!!
FEDUP  IS STILL PISSED OFF                                                                                                  DATE: 5/21/2010

ABOUT:   Maddog Obama !  Take that bitch monkey your married to and go back to Kenya!!  Their looking for their village IDIOT!!!!
FEDUP  IS PISSED OFF                                                                                                              DATE:  5/20/2010

ABOUT:  Mad cuz that sorry son of a bitch in OUR white house is takin this country to hell like a snowball
                  rolling down hill!!