This page is to help share some strategies that you can follow right now
in order to get involved and take action and get networked in your state
or local area.  We will be adding more to this page very soon.
Establishing Contact:

1.) Get hooked up with our communications network: (

2.) Establish contact with other patriots in your area by email and/or chat room.

3.) Set Up a date/time that you will meet them in one of our chatrooms. Then use the “Private” chat to start a dialog with them.

4.) Once you are comfortable with the person, set up a date/time and place to meet that is equal distance to everyone.

The First Meeting:

1.) Agree to meet at a public place where there are lots of people. Preferably outside where your conversations cannot be overheard by other people. Bring a notebook and pen, as well as a map of the area.

2.) After the introductions are made, and refreshments have been served, then take a moment to introduce yourself, your goals in the patriot community, as well as what you feel are the most prevalent threats in your particular area.

3.) If one of the other attendees has other people in his/her group, arrange to do some training with them at some future date.

Tactical Analysis:

1) What are the primary threats in your area?

2) What would be the most likely approach routes to be utilized by the opposition forces?

3) Are there any strategic structures such as bridges, railway bridges, road junctures, or other topographical points such as steep hills or deep valleys that can be used as ambush areas?

Decide on the following areas:

a. Centralized rally point (Pre-Deployment Staging Area)
b. Emergency evacuation rally point
c. Final Defensive Line
d. Bug Out Safe Area

Typical Defensive Scenario:

1-Alert is transmitted to all patriots in the area. A situation report is included.
2-Patriots are advised to meet at the Rally point at a certain date and time.
3-Depending on the enemy threat, tactical operations are executed against the enemy.

Harassment & Interdiction Operations:

This type of operations are made up of small Hunter-Killer teams that harass the enemies flanks and rear areas. It is designed to force the enemy to slow his advance, and expend combat resources to counter these continual threats to his outer perimeter.

Typically a small 4-man team sneaks close to the enemy formation/location conducting hasty ambush operations against the outer units. Then withdraws to a safe area. This can also be considered a

“Tactical Delaying Operation” that prevents the enemy from rapid forward movement.

Once contact with the enemy has been made, maximum firepower is used against the forward elements, and then the H-K team disperses to an alternate position. ( It works like a wolf pack biting at the flanks of a running deer)

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