Subject:                    For a "Secure Tactical Computer"
To:                             All Patriots
Submitted By:          LuckyStryke

For a "Secure Tactical Computer" find a cheap laptop with good batteries and wireless
capabilities(WIFI), take the hard drive out(no hard drive, no saved info to be compromised).
Get a copy of "Damn Small Linux"and burn it  on to a cd(be sure it's recordable, but not
re-writable) and run it as a "Live CD" from the cd drive. You will have a fully functioning
computer that can use "PUBLIC" hotspots (so IP doesn't trace back to base of operations) to
check anonymous email accounts and forums . 

Just be aware of any security cameras and position you screen away from them. If you MUST save any information(I would be remiss if I didn't advise against it) a usb thumbdrive can be
utilized,and it's small size makes it easy to keep hidden, but use it only for as long as
you need to, and don't store it with the computer.

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