Subject:                    UN Vehicles on an Airstrip - Potential Hidden Code
To:                            All Patriots
Submitted By:         BrotherPatriot

Greetings.  I'm a former Navy SEAL, served 87-93, and I hope I'm not the only one to see what looks to be a CODE in the line of vehicles in the video about the UN vehicles on the air strip.  Just wanted to make sure the information is out to the right people.  I just discovered this amazing website this morning.  God Bless, America.  We are under assault.  They are using this time to stage their people & build their facilities on our Native Soil.  American's need to Wake up NOW...!

Two major forces appose us. The Islamic movement & the NWO.  They are goin to pull our military forces away from our homeland w/diversions & then begin their police movement here in the homeland. Thank God our Militia is aware but the public as a whole is still dazed and unaware.  Awaken AMERICA!

I was unable to find any posting about the code in the vehicle line up.  If it's already been talked about then I appolagise for steppin on any toes. 

Sincerely, BrotherPatriot.

You made a good point about the code hidden in the arrangement of the vehicles, I certainly think you may be onto something.
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COMMENT BY:        Angelgirl
I never thought of it but you know, I think you are onto something too.
But to decipher it...

It has to be code. There are just too many missing in peculiar areas.
I didn't post this video, but it was later reported shortly after it began to circulate that this video is a fake and the report was fraudulent.  I have not been able to prove anything either way as of yet.  People have went to this location and reported that there is nothing there currently.....however, what is to say that these vehicles haven't already been moved and scattered out all over the country?  The way things are going, we'll find out soon enough I think.
COMMENT BY:        TimberWolf
hey yall how are my fellow patriots doing?? hey freebyrd ,you know how the vans arent there now right ?well you know how when it rains that everything is wet all around the cars or trucks well if you zoom in as close as you can you can see the outlines of the vans that were there  so they were there alright!!  I found anothere place in oxnard califoria that has atleast a few thousned  if not abought 5000 white car or and vans n trucks thought you might want to check it out!!?? here is video of them in oxnard cali   ....well i tried to mput the video but couldnt  you should beable to find it on google earth ok bro