Peroxide VS. Bleach
Some of these things you may know and others you may have never thought of.
The benefits of using Peroxide instead of Bleach are astounding, I hope this information helps you
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Submitted By: MrsFreebyrd   01/12/2010
The New 2010 GM (Government Motors) New Obama Car
This was too funny to pass up for posting. Hilarious
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Submitted By: MrsFreebyrd   12/16/09
What Ever happened To The 28th Ammendment ????
Why isn't the 28th Ammendment Being Honored and Abided By in the whole Health Care Issue??
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Submitted By: MrsFreebyrd   12/23/09
Presidential Kittens
Taps with Orchestra......Unbelievable Rendition from Austria
A very moving rendition of Taps with orchestra. This was performed in Austria
Most people have never heard the entire TAPS musical piece, but even this is remarkable
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Submitted By: MrsFreebyrd   12/2/09
The Ant and The Grasshopper
This is the old story about the Ant and the Grasshopper, accept it includes a Modern Day version along with it.  ( Click the icon to the left )
Submitted By: Correus   12/8/09
Are you ready for your Medicine?.........Obamacare Tablets
A Humorous Item.........depicting what is coming to a Pharmacy Near you
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Submitted By: AngelGirl   11/11/09
One of Histories Great Mysteries
Have a History Teacher try to explain this----- if they can.
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Submitted By: Freebyrd   10/29/09
Australian Prime Minister Speaks out.
The Prime Minister of Australia Takes a Stand for his people and his country.  He says and does what needs to be done here and long overdue.  The whole world needs a Leader like this, especially in America   ( Click the icon to the left )
Submitted By: MrsFreebyrd   11/05/09
OIL - You had better sit down for this one
One of the greatest untapped oil reserves ever found in history sits beneath our very own feet, right here in America, yet Bureaucrats and Environmentalists are continuing to stop the extraction of this resource that would make America Non-Reliant on Foreign oil.America   ( Click the icon to the left )
Submitted By: MrsFreebyrd   10/29/09
WHERE TO BUY GASOLINE .....Let's quit buying from those who hate us.
This is an email that has been recently circulated that explains where most companies buy the oil that we use as opposed to which companies buy and furnish only american produced oil  ( Click the icon to the left )
Submitted By: MrsFreebyrd   11/05/09
US Senior Citizen Speaks Out on Healthcare Bill
This man and his wife made the tape from their ranch in south central Texas.   
At their own expense, they made 1000 copies and sent one to every single congressman and senator and some media outlets. Let's hope that each and every one of them watched and LISTENED!!!   ( Click the icon to the left )
Submitted By: Jeff and Brenda   9/16/09
KANSAS STATE MILITIA Sends out a Notice to All Patriots
The Kansas State Militia Send Out a Notice to all Patriots and a Special Invitation
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Submitted By: Kansas State Militia   11/27/09
94 Year Old WW II Battleship Sailor Tells Obama to Shape Up or Ship Out !
WW II  Vet sends Obama a letter telling him just what he thinks and tells him he had better Shape Up or Ship Out.  He tells it like it is.    This is a copy of that letter re-produced for our website.  ( Click the icon to the left )
Submitted By: MrsFreebyrd   11/27/09
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This is a humorous story about Obama and a Little Girl Giving away Free kittens.
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Submitted By: AngelGirl   12/9/09
Christmas At Arlington Cemetary
An amazing sight happens every year at Arlington Cemetary at Christmas time, and has since 1992.
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Submitted By: FREEBYRD   12/14/09
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The Truth About Social Security
The Truth about Social Security by  Richard McDonald
The purpose of this Newsletter is to inform you of the truth of the Social Security System.
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Submitted By: Angelgirl   05/17/2010
Our Muslim Heritage ??
This is an Americans' response to Obama's recent remark in Cairo abut Americas Muslim Heritage. Simply unbelievable.
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Submitted By: MrsFreebyrd   05/20/2010
UN Vehicles on Airstrip
Greetings.  I'm a former Navy SEAL, served 87-93, and I hope I'm not the only one to see what looks to be a CODE in the line of vehicles in the video about the UN vehicles on the air strip.  Just wanted to make sure the information is out to the right people.
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Submitted By:  BrotherPatriot    5/30/2010
Meaning of the Soldiers' Memorial (Helmet and Rifle)
Recently we had a Member ask us : Waht is the Meaning of the Helmet and Rifle Soldiers' Memorial?  Freebyrd answers this question and Thank You Susan for a great question.
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Submitted By: Susan   06/01/2010
You Have To Love This Lawyer
A Lawyer was having problems securing a loan for his client from FHA during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. You won't believe what they asked him to do in order to get the loan, and Better Yet is his response.  A Must read!!
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Submitted By: AngelGirl   06/06/2010
Crimes Against Humanity
A commentary by member BrotherPatriot

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Submitted By: BrotherPatriot   06/06/2010
Here is a list of 20 Signs of Fascism
See if you can relate them to what we are experiencing today in our own nation.
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Submitted By: Freebyrd   6/13/2010

SUBMITTED BY:  Site Member
DATE:  6/15/2010 1:13:46 P.M. Central Standard Time


Subject: Looking more and more like a purposeful explosion, false flag, home grown, criminally created disaster

BP CEO Tony Hayward sold £1.4 million worth of BP stock shares weeks before oil spill

Goldman Sachs sold 44% of its BP Stock, Three weeks before the Oil Rig disaster.
Want Proof? HERE IT IS...

This is a list of the institutional owners of BP stock. This is NOT private owners. There are 350 million shares of BP. Financial Institutions own roughly 40% of BP. Goldman Sachs (on March 31st) owned 6 million shares...after it sold 4.7 Million shares. WHAT DID THEY KNOW?

Cheney/Bush company Halliburton purchases an oil clean up firm weeks before disaster

Halliburton planning to buy Boots & Coots  By MONICA HATCHER/HOUSTON CHRONICLE

SUBMITTED BY:  Site Member
DATE: 6/14/2010 10:07:05 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time


Info from Listener: Remember Russian oil used a nuke when it was necessary to close down a runaway well? What were the pressures they could not control? If you ask around I believe you will find out the entire oil industry knew what pressures could not be contained. That being the case then BP, the City of London, Wall Street and all the PTB knew. Therefore I would deduce that this was a planned incident, not an unplanned incident as Lindsey Williams recently stated.

They Are Coming to Blow Us Away: After- Last nights Radio Show--I received information on the Air Forces Domestic Assignment in the Continental U.S.--A Pilot contacted me within 1 Hour of Last Nights Broadcast and told me that-C-130 pilots whose extreme activity has been noted in all states was comprised of Re-supplying Federal Troops--Hunting Resisters in The Mountains of Colorado and all the other states. This was the Scenario under  the Pilots "Emergency Refresher Procedure Simulators and crew resource management training in the Mountains of Colorado!. All the C-130 crews are being trained in low level cargo drops to Re-supply those "FEDERAL TROOPS" assigned to seek out and destroy Resisters and Insurgents--THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

USNORTHCOM Gears Up For Potential Attack On U.S. Soil:.. Please note that 2 Years ago I spoke of an Encounter with a "Northcom High Ranking Officer" in person, who told me with Tears in his Eyes that the US Military was planning to Carpet Bomb specific Cities in America where their were major numbers of Resisters and went on to say that they would use all Airborne assets and weapons that are at their disposal.He further informed me and I quote --There is not a News Story,Television Broadcast or Radio transmission or Magazine article that we Don't monitor and any real intell that leaks is immediately turned over to our dis-information teams with all sorts of NASTY TOOLS at their disposal. Greg Evenson in Speaking to his sources was told the Same Thing by High Ranking Military Contacts--His sources informing him that 3-states they expect the Greatest Resistance From and are targeted with massive aerial bombardment just happen to be Three of the States that they are moving the Gulf Coast Evacuees to! My Pilot source told me that during the refresher Course He and other Pilots from Texas said NO WAY challenging the Premise of their refresher training courses  intended targets-God Bless Texas and My Pilot Contact! It should be obvious now-- how Tens of Millions of Americans can be destroyed in a Short Period of time--

DATE: 6/15/2010 11:23:08 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

SUBMISSION:  15% pay raise for Kansas government workers

This is to all those State representatives who say they have our best interest @ heart. Its good to know we have a SIMPLE CHOICE in November; you are either part of the problem or part of our future. If you had any part in this then you need FIRED!!!

Below is part of a news story from Hawver's Capitol Report. Can you believe a 15% pay raise during the worst economy in the State's history and a raise that starts the same time as the 2nd largest tax increase ($1.183 billion over three years) on Kansas citizens in Kansas history? This is absured! Many Kansas workers are taking pay cuts and furloughs just to keep their jobs, and the government increases the pay for government workers!?! To every one else, other than those elected to REPRSENT US, on this email list we've got to take our State and Country back from the tax and spend croud.

"Below-market raises OK’d
Some 8,662 state employees were approved for a total of  more than $15.5 million in raises designed to bring their salaries closer to those paid workers in similar jobs in private employment. The raises will take effect July 1. The raises ranged from 2.5% to 15%, based on the difference between the employees’ state pay and the pay that comparable jobs in private industry pay. It’s part of a five-year program to bring state wages up to market.
The Legislature approved about $8.5 million in State General Funds for the to-market program, which swelled to about $16 million in the all-funds budget. Jane Carter, executive director of the Kansas Organization of State Employees(KOSE), said the 6,800 state employees who are members of her union received about $10.7 million of the raises after KOSE negotiated with the Department of Administration on behalf of the employees."

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DATE: 6/15/2010 12:44:10 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

SUBMISSION:   Epa Allowed Bp to Use Toxic Banned Dispersant on Gulf Coast Oil


DATE: 6/15/2010 10:17:00 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

SUBMISSION:   Armed couple detained at key military base June 14, 11:48 PM EDT

MIAMI (Reuters) - A man and a woman in a vehicle carrying weapons and military-style gear were detained on Monday for attempting to gain unauthorized access to a key military base in Florida, authorities said.

The suspects were stopped at a gate outside MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa and taken into custody after they were unable to show proper identification to enter the base, said Air Force spokeswoman Katherine Holt.

She said military-style uniforms and weapons were discovered in the vehicle after the two were detained but added that she was unable to identify the exact type or number of weapons.

No explosives were found, said Holt, who added that she could not identify the suspects.

She added that the suspects were still in custody hours after they were stopped and were being investigated by military police.

The South Tampa base houses the headquarters of U.S. Central Command, which runs the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the U.S. Special Operations Command.

On May 19, an off-duty FBI agent shot and killed an army veteran after a confrontation and chase at the base. The veteran, whom Holt described as "disgruntled," had been visiting the base when the altercation broke out and the off-duty agent reportedly shot him in self-defense.

(Reporting by Tom Brown; Editing by Paul Simao)


SUBMISSION BY: BrotherPatriot
DATE:  6/9/2010 8:16:57 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

COMMENT:  Here is something very, VERY disturbing. I also recommend everyone to watch the two following movies.  Zeitgeist the movie and Zeitgeist Addendum.


Who Is This???
This should shock you a bit...or Maybe Not!
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Submitted By: MsRagDoll   06/13/2010
11 Year Old Girl Protects Her Family
Shotgun Preteen vs. Illegal Alien Home Invaders, you got to read this one.
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Submitted By:  Bushmaster  06/18/2010
Movie Trailer "Spirit Of 76"
Movie trailer about the constitution

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Submitted By:  mistermisfit01  09/6/2010
Secure Tactical Computer
Tips on Securing Your Computer and
personal Security
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Submitted By: LuckyStryke   03/04/2012