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QUESTION: I read somewhere that salt poured on the ground will keep the little suckers from clawling In the sack with you. SAy If your Sleeping In the open and pour a salt line around your bag, they won't cross the salt. What do ya think ?
FROM:   11thCav

QUESTION: Caves rated on a scale between 1-10 and 1 being no shelter at all, where would you rate a cave for shelter, factering In all aspects and consiquences using the cave of your choice, the problem I have with caves is It concentrates foot traffic and assuming the cave has only one entrance any exit plans would be null and void and the cave would become your coffin. One small explosive would ruin your day. Just a thought I personally would only stay a couple of days In one or as a layover while moving between AO's. Just a thought.
FROM:   11thCav
QUESTION:  Advice on the best way to make pemmican. I live in the desert southwest. What ingredients are needed, processes used. My husband and I are hunters and I would like a long lasting foodsource to carry without fear of spoilage.
FROM:  Armrock63

I live in the city, not much money to spare, and have no LTC. How can I be better prepared for a "collapse of society" without breaking the bank?
FROM:    fauxanarchist71
May I please have the link/info for the Cherokee language lessons you mentioned?
FROM:    SeesFar
Is there a resource for learning to use the milk thistle to make cheese?
FROM:    SeesFar
I was hoping to get links for dehydrating/drying?
Also any links you might know of for basic herbal medicines using basic plants?

Thank you so much.
FROM:    SeesFar

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celosia peppermint chamomilebergamot cinquefoilDaylilly roses
Balloon flowerAbove ground tatersNicotiania rusticaLemon Balm some type of mater stevia and bergamot
FoxgloveL-R eucalyptus lemon verbena flox jacobs ladderLambs earHorseradish
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