is NOT a militia group in itself.  What we ARE is a website designed to provide information and resources that will enable common citizens, patriots and official militia groups the opportunity for networking and sharing of ideas and viewpoints about the various topics of interest regarding the state of our nation as well as the need to be prepared for potentially life threatening situations.

We are NOT a forum that promotes hate crimes, criminal activities,  racism or any other form of discrimination. We are NOT ANTI-Government, however we ARE in favor of promoting education and resources for the protection against Tyranny and the corruption of Government officials, Bad Legislation and/or policies. We ARE against any politician or governmental agency that does NOT perform their duties and responsibilities according to the Constitution, and who act in opposition to the rights, liberties and freedoms of the American citizens.
Welcome to our website.

There are literally millions of websites out there that seek to promote patriotism and provide support forums for educating and securing our basic rights and freedoms.  We share in this stand as well, but it is our intent at this site to take it one step further by providing the necessary platform for Patriots and Militia groups to become united and organized in this movement.  Without unification and structure we are facing an extreme disadvantage in the restoration of our nation.  Only through a Nationalized Structuring and Organization of our efforts, will we be able to defend our Liberties, Freedoms and Rights as American Citizens.

We, like many websites, post Videos and Articles about current events and the state of our nation, however, that is not the primary focus of this site.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for Patriots to come together and review the issues at hand and to partake in resolving situations that are a danger to all of us.  We want to assist you and others like you in determining what you can do to protect yourselves and your families.  To gain knowledge and education that will enable you to make preparations for the worst case scenarios.  If we are not prepared and we do not resolve some of the risks that face us, then we are in fact doomed to fall under the Tyrannical Rule of an overly abusive Government that has already grown out of control of the people.

In saying this, I cannot stress enough the need for absolute and dedicated participation by all informed citizens in making an effort to take part in this site and to make a difference.   I have gone to great expense, as part of my contribution, to provide the tools for us all to take advantage of, therefore this site costs you nothing to participate in it.

The only great sin, is if you join, and then cast it aside and not make an effort to become a dedicated and willing participant of this movement in a way that really counts.  If you are simply looking for another Facebook, or MySpace type of forum where idle talk and drama lights the fires of your interest and amusement, then this site is not for you.  We seek to resolve real problems and issues with real answers.

The members of this site, are dedicated to sharing and participating and developing the kind of united relationships between Patriots that will be needed in securing our future and preparing for the tough times ahead.  I recommend that you do so as well and join our community here at

We Welcome you to our site and hope you enjoy your experience here with us on your Journey.

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